Monday, October 5, 2015

Remember Your Happy

A couple of Mondays ago, Ashley over at Little Miss Momma (another one of those blogs I compulsively follow) posted a list of 25 things "guaranteed to bring her joy". She challenged anyone reading her list to make one of their own before the grind of the week set in. Remember your happy, she called it.
Doesn't that seem right? Before the busy gets you, pausing, smiling, and thanking God for the little things? 

Seems right to me, so that's what I'm doing this Monday morning. Here's my list of happy.

- one -
kisses on the shoulder

- two -
flowers growing along the side of a highway

- three -
my parents still so in love after 30 years of marriage

- four -
a comfortable old pair of jeans

- five -
carving pumpkins in October
- six -
taking back roads

- seven -
sliding into freshly laundered sheets after a long day

- eight -
spontaneous date nights

- nine -
the Christmas Eve Candlelight service at my church

- ten -
being in the same place at the same time with all three of my siblings
- eleven -
when the air smells like orange blossoms

- twelve -
watching a favorite movie snuggled under a blanket on a rainy day

- thirteen -
getting letters from our Compassion girls

- fourteen -
running barefoot through the sprinklers on a hot summer day

- fifteen -
reading an old verse with fresh eyes
- sixteen -
dancing in the kitchen

- seventeen -
reading a book that's an old friend for the umpteenth time

- eighteen -
candles that burn down to the very bottom

- nineteen -
making and keeping family traditions

- twenty -
cold, crunchy celery and peanut butter at the beach
- twenty-one -
when a smile reaches all the way up to someone's eyes

- twenty-two -
Colonel laying on my feet while I do the dishes

- twenty-three -
cranking my favorite playlist and driving with the windows down on Highway 60

- twenty-four -
coming home

- twenty-five -
making Cody genuinely laugh

What's your happy?


  1. Ohh good one!! I think I may do this one. ❤️

    1. =) I was hoping you and Christina might want to do it. <3

  2. Love this post!!! Especially #3. All the things you came up with bring me joy, too! YOU bring me joy. thank you.

  3. Hey! I made it onto your happy WITH a photo!! I am honored :)

    When I remember my happy, you and Cody and Colonel come to mind.