Friday, June 26, 2015

Casual Fridays

Happy Friday, everyone! We have some things to talk about, but first, I have found who I want to be when I grow up. Watch. This.
Y'all. That lady (in the and cute little bandana headband) is 60 years old. SIXTY! She is my inspiration. I can't even dance like that now, but it is my new goal in life to be able to bust moves like this when I am 60. I could not wipe the grin off my face while I was watching this. You KNOW that gym was going c.r.a.z.y. I so wish I had been there. How awesome is she?! You go on with your bad self, Miss Shirley Clements.

In other news, the Publix bakery is my kryptonite. 

First off, let me express my sincere condolences to you poor, miserable souls who don't know what a Publix is. If you just arched your back and exclaimed, "I'm not a poor, miserable soul! How rude!"--bless your heart. You're living in misery, and you don't even know it.  

My sister-in-love was over here a lot last week while my niece was at VBS, and she commented at the end of the week how impressed she was that there were still a couple chocolate fudge cupcakes (which were from the Publix bakery, of course) in the fridge that had been in there at the beginning of the week. I breezily replied that they just weren't my weakness.

Lynds, pies are my weakness. Sunday afternoon, the hubs and I hit up Publix after church to get some subs for lunch, and we ended up in the bakery. Typically, when I'm shopping alone, I have to avoid the bakery at all costs or inevitably, I will come home with 3 dozen donuts, 6 dozen cookies, cupcakes, and maybe even a birthday cake for good measure--nevermind that it's nobody's birthday. But Sunday afternoon, with my husband there to control my impulse to buy all the sweets, we wound up in the bakery. 

We ended up with two pies. Apple and pumpkin. Both pies are gone, y'all. We bought them less than a week ago, and they're gone. Lest you try to console me with the fact that I didn't eat two whole pies by myself in less than a week's time because I live with a big, strong man who surely ate more than his fair share of the goods, let's just say that we split the apple pie equally, and my husband doesn't like pumpkin pie. You do the math. 

Moving on. It was time to update my look this week with a new toe color. Yes, I have been rocking Barbie hot pink toes since the middle of April--don't judge me. I decided to actually go buy myself a fun new color. I haven't bought a new nail polish in quite some time, but this one caught my eye whilst I was doing my grocery shopping, and I ended up bringing it home. It's my first essie nail polish, and the name of it is "turquoise & caicos". Cute, right? Anyway, I like it a lot, but I have something to say:
I am cursed. Every time I paint my toenails, one of my big toes ends up smudged. Every. Stinkin'. Time. It doesn't matter how long I let them dry, somehow, they get smudged. Why does this happen?! I realize this is not a very big deal, and if people even notice my toes in the first place, they certainly don't notice that the polish on one nail isn't perfectly smooth: but I do. And it kills me a little. Does anyone have any tips on this? Cody says I need to dry them with a hairdryer...something about the heat locking it in?....he's so pro. Anyone tried this? Does it work? Am I crazy for even talking about this?
Colonel's Corner
This little guy got his hair cut yesterday. When we couldn't see his eyes anymore, we decided it was probably time for a trim. At 10 AM, I dropped off my big, fluffy, cuddly dog. At 2 PM, I picked up this skinny little dude. I didn't even recognize him! I told his groomer we wanted to go a little shorter than last time since his hair grows so fast. Well, they definitely took me at my word, although they left his tail and ears a bit longer so you can definitely tell he's got some kinda poodle going on. He's still the cutest puppy in the world, but it's taking some getting used to. If it were up to me, he'd just stay a shaggy overgrown mess all the time, but people give you nasty looks when you're walking a long-haired dog in the heat of the day in summertime in Florida. Whatever. He's a dog. He'll live. 

Confession time: (what? you thought my pie-eating habits and the fact that I left my toes alone for over two months were confession enough for one post? think again) I bought another movie adaptation of Little Women. This brings the grand total of Little Women movies I own to three. If you read Monday's recap, you know how much I love Little Women, and you also know that I already have two Little Women movies. 

The ones I already own are the 1949 June Allyson version and the 1994 Winona Ryder version.

The one I bought this week is the 1933 Katharine Hepburn version. To date, my favorite is June Allyson, but actually, I haven't seen the Katharine Hepburn version since I was a little girl. I plan on watching all three my new one this weekend, and I'll let you know if June Allyson still holds first place in my heart. I like watching movie adaptations while the book is still really fresh in my mind so I can be hypercritical and snobby about how much better the book is comparatively. 

Ok, let's wrap this post up with something redemptive, shall we? How about a Psalm of the Week:

"Why are you in despair, O my soul?
And why have you become disturbed within me?
Hope in God, for I shall yet praise Him,
The help of my countenance and my God."

These words are in three different places in two Psalms: verse 5 of the 42nd Psalm, verse 11 of the 42nd Psalm, and verse 5 of the 43rd Psalm. This hit me because how often do we get something right the first time around? We have to consistently remind ourselves of the truth, and cling to it with everything we've got. 

Hope in God. 
Hope in God. 
Hope in God. 

Have a fabulous weekend, and please, send me all the tips on how NOT to smudge your toenails after you paint them. 


  1. So many reasons to this post.
    1) My favorite kind of pie is cherry. I know you didn't ask, but I thought I'd tell you anyway :)
    2) It might not always be someone's birthday, but as the Mad Hatter and the March Hare (wasn't that his name?) taught us, it's ALWAYS someone's un-birthday, and isn't that just as much a reason to celebrate?
    3) I dare you to order a bday cake from Publix and have "A Very Merry Un-birthday to Me" written on it, bring it home, light some candles, put on a party hat, sing the song to yourself, blow out the candles, and eat your cake. :)
    4) I can't remember what else I was gonna say because now I'm hungry. Let's eat some cake, pie, and/or ice cream together soon. Emphasis on the "and".

    1. And by reasons, I meant responses. Stupid auto-correct.

    2. First of all, I loooove cherry pie. So when we get together, let's have that. Second, I almost wrote something about un-birthdays when I put in that part about the birthday cake!! You are so my best friend. Your #3 made me laugh out loud. #challengeaccepted

    3. #cherryismyfavoritepietoo #canijoin #cherryisafruit #andfruitisgoodforyou

    4. #yesofcourse #yourhashtagsareperfect

  2. That pie wouldn't have lasted 2 days in our house lol. You guys are disciplined haha. When you figure out how to not smudge nail polish, let me know!!! Love that color by the way, so summer-y!

    I want to know that lady's health regimen. What kind of bone strengthening pills is she taking??? Haha. Crazy! Guess I need to get to steppin' on my cardio and flexibility.

    1. The apple pie didn't last 2 days. The pumpkin only lasted slightly longer because I was the only one eating it. Oh, and I didn't mention this in the post, but when I asked Cody if we could get a pie, he said, "Do you promise not to eat the whole thing today?" Wow. You know you have a problem when...

      And I KNOW RIGHT?! When she stood on her head at the end, I about lost my mind.

  3. Actually, now that I think of it...I have heard of spraying PAM or hairspray on your nails helps?? Never tried it so I wouldn't know if it works though

    1. I think I have heard that somewhere too! Maybe I will try that next time. You 2 or 3 months. lol

  4. Holy sugar spice!! That lady is legit. I am amazed!!!!

    Um, I think "food" is my kryptonite. So, go you for only having pie. :P

    I'm going to need to borrow that nail color.. Also, I do two super thin coats with a thin coat of top coat. Also, letting them dry completely before doing the next layer is key. Mine never smudge, so I guess it works. Lol

    Colonel is cute, even if he looks like. Chicken dog. Lol I love him. (Except when we can't find him in the Hancock Forrest. Haha!

    I've never watched any Little Women movies, so let's make that happen. Mmk?

    Love Psalms, hoping to read all of them sometime after we finish Jonah. :D

    1. Hmm..letting them dry between coats. That might be my issue. I will definitely remember that for next time.

      Yes, we definitely need to watch Little Women together! 4th of July weekend maybe? Would the guys totally hate us? lol

    2. Ummm, we could just kick them out to the pool with the Addyson. Right? Haha! we will figure it out! :-)

  5. new hero. if i'm not dead by the time i'm her age, i hope i'm even half as spry.

    i used effluvium this weekend. the person just kind of nodded and smiled like they knew exactly what i meant, but the glazed look in their eyes gave it all away.

    excellent pie choices. you could have eaten that pumpkin pie faster though, Hannah, come on. remember those buttermilk pies we used to get sometimes? you should make one of those the next time we're in the same zip code.

    i can't relate to your toenail polish problems at all. maybe i'll try to paint my own this weekend so i can empathize. but i probably won't.

    i want to meet and snuggle your dog. so bad.

    hepburn has such a distinct tone and presence. i can't see her as a convincing jo. interested to hear your thoughts on her portrayal.

    good Psalm. i so love hearing your thoughts on Scripture, because i think you see the simplicity in what we're to do. it is so simple--a challenge, for sure--but very simple: clear cut and concise.

    good post!

    1. Um, how did you work "effluvium" into the conversation? What was the context?

      I know I could have eaten it faster. Did you see my comment to Sydney? Cody made me promise not to eat it in one day. I need to find the recipe for buttermilk pie. Actually, I have never eaten buttermilk pie. You guys always smoked through them and "buttermilk pie" has never sounded overly appetizing to me anyway.

      Probably you shouldn't. But if you do, send me pictures. And do something in a pink.

      You neeeeeed to meet him. You guys would be best friends.

      I will definitely blog about the contrast between all three movies.

      Reagan, your comments are the best. I love you!

  6. we were in the bar after the show, and something started to smell.

    they said, "man, something is so ratchet in here."
    and i said, "yes, that is quite the effluvium."
    and they said, "....right?"

    awkward silence.

  7. also, i youtube'd a clip of hepburn's little women. it was the scene where jo rejects laurie.

    i didn't like it.

    1. I'm gonna post about it on Friday, but oh, was it ever horrible.