Friday, February 24, 2017

Casual Fridays

We haven't done a Currently I'm... post in a while and frankly, the Casual Fridays muse has not been with me lately so today we're taking it easy and just having a chatty, catch-up with each other kind of day. Sound good? Good. Let's begin.

... Deuteronomy.

... John Adams by David McCullough and really enjoying it. I was hoping to finish it up in February, but that is definitely not going to happen.


... Bones Season 12. Word on the street is that this is for real the final season. I can't believe it, and I seriously don't know how they're going to tie it up in the next 4 episodes because that's all that's left.

... Parks and Rec. It seems to me that the last time I did a Currently I'm... post I was talking about Parks and Rec. We did finish it and thought it was hilarious and recently decided to re-watch it since I missed Season 1 and half of Season 2 the first time around. I think it's even funnier watching it after you've already seen it and have a feel for the characters. #TeamDonna She's my fav.

... One Tree Hill. Y'all. It pains me to admit this, but I got sucked into One Tree Hill land. I had never seen a single episode in my life, but I was feeling sick or something one day last year sometime and decided to watch an episode just to see what it was all about and lo and behold, I'm now on the final season. Speaking of which, I feel like the show should have ended 3 times, but they just won't quit. Seriously. The series finale on the River Court at the end of high school--should have been the end. The series finale after P. Sawyer has her baby--should have been the end. The series finale with Jamie dribbling the basketball across the bridge--definitely should have been the end. But they just have to wring every last penny out of a show until you hate it, I guess. Don't writers and producers and whoever else has any say in the matter have any sense of pride or integrity in creating a show that tells a story and ends well?? Is it that hard to pull the plug?? End rant. And P.S. this is not an endorsement or a recommendation to watch OTH. That show has more drama than a high school theater club. 


... to Switchfoot's Where the Light Shines Through album. It's their latest, and it's on point per usual.

... to Train's a girl a bottle a boat album. It just came out a couple weeks ago, and it is a feel good record in every way. Train and Switchfoot are my two favorite bands, I always keep up with them, and they have yet to disappoint me.

... my James 5:13 playlist. Part of James 5:13 says, "Is anyone happy? Let him sing praise." This playlist has 100 of my happiest praise songs to Jesus, and I love cranking it up and belting it out.


... for a beach day. This Florida girl starts to get a little restless for some sand and saltwater come February, but the weather hasn't been quite there yet. Soon.

... for cupcakes. I'm not usually a big desserts girl, but lately I have been craving cupcakes. Maybe I should just make a batch and get it over with, but I'm trying to have some self-control here.

... from the flu. It seems like Cody and I have been fighting illness since the beginning of the year and last week, it won. We both went down hard, but this week, I have finally been feeling really good for the first time in weeks. Yay health!

... from Hacksaw Ridge. Cody and I watched this movie Wednesday night, and I'm still feeling sad. War movies always depress me. But if you can handle some pretty gory war violence (I had to cover my eyes a few times), I would recommend this one. It's a true story and one worth telling.

... Psalm 34:4. We're on Verse 4 of SSMT so since February 15th, I've been working on adding "I sought the Lord and He heard me and delivered me from all my fears" to verses 1-3 of Psalm 34 which I've got pretty well memorized at this point. (Also, I just typed that from memory and besides missing two commas: #nailedit)


... to keep my house clean. With two energetic puppies and a backyard that is turning into a giant pit of sand because dogs, the struggle is real.

... to decide if i should read The Taming of the Shrew this weekend so that I can complete two books from my list within the month of February. I only have 12 books on my list this year, but I'd like to keep the pace up because March-May always seems to be a difficult time of year for my reading life. Thoughts?

... to work the word "Zamzummims" into my regular vocabulary. I discovered this word yesterday in Deuteronomy 2:20, and I kindof love it. They were giants in the land of Canaan, and doesn't that sound like something Dr. Seuss would call them? Maybe I could use it as a Christian cuss word. Before you come looking to burn me at the stake, watch this video. Imagine stubbing your toe and shouting out "Zamzummims!" I think it could work.

... my thoughtful husband who gave me this beautiful ring for Valentines Day that says "Our Love is Forever" on the inside. He is the sweetest.

... my most recent home pedicure. You guys, I achieved smudge-free status! I waddled around my house like a penguin most of the day Wednesday to accomplish this long sought after dream, but it was worth it! My toenails look so pro. Oh you want to see a picture? Wish granted.
... these sweet dogs because even though they're a total mess, they make up for it by being the most loyal, loving, cuddly little buddies, and I would hate not having them around.

What's currently going on with you?


  1. Reading:
    scripts, scripts, scripts
    also starting "Into the Wild"

    just finished my annual LOST watch (so good, everytime)
    currently working my way through Always Sunny (hilarious)
    very excited for the 2017 movie line-up

    Ed Sheeran's new singles from his Divide album are pretty solid
    also enjoying some Chainsmokers junkfood music
    Greg Laswell has also been a pretty good standby lately

    for a beach day as well! i need some sunshine and gulf water
    and the road...real bad

    from this bad eating week i've just had...the stress of waiting...

    nothing as of right now

    to get everything sorted for Africa this year
    to stay sexy

    family and friends
    the crazy ride of life

    1. So you still haven't heard about the job?

  2. Reading – Psalms, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, The Three Musketeers, and The Armor of God

    Watching – CSI: NY season 4. Midsomer Murders series 9. Waiting for Ean to come back so we can resume House season 2. Tried unsuccessfully to start This is Us because NBC requires a cable subscription to view the first 8 episodes. Um, no. Please release to Netflix this summer. Thank-you.

    Listening – didn’t know you liked Train! Someone gave me tickets when they couldn’t go to their concert in St. Augustine (5 years ago – yikes), and it was amazing. Patrick has pipes and is awesome live. Usually have Owl City in my CD player in my car. Mobile Orchestra. He’s from Ean’s hometown, and I hope to meet him in all his introvert awkwardness one day.

    Jonesing – made from scratch brownies yesterday as my contribution to an invitation to dinner with a friend. Different from the box and absolutely delicious. I need to give away most of them to my neighbors. Also, so excited to come to Florida in March. Chick fil A, Olive Garden, Carrabbas, and Maple Street Biscuit Company…I’m coming for you. And to see family and friends. Yes.

    Recovering – from an awful cold, and I’m finally feeling better too. Sorry you’ve been sick!

    Memorizing – nothing at the moment

    Trying – to put the house in order before company comes next week and Ean gets back from his month of training. To finish grading by Monday.

    Loving – my new Hollister jeans that I finally found for half off and bought two pairs. My sweet baby (always). My waffle iron and Kodiak Cakes from Costco.

    Other – Taming of the Shrew is hilarious, and should be accompanied by watching Kiss Me, Kate if there’s a movie version of that musical. “Brush Up Your Shakespeare” is a hilarious song. Related - I think I have 10 Things I Hate About You in my Netflix queue and I’ve never watched it. Come visit Hawaii! Get on Hopper, Kayak, whatever and check flights for Orlando to Honolulu. Certain times of year it’s about $600 (October, early November, January, February).

    1. Brownies sound so good! When are you coming to Florida?? I would love to see you! I've been hinting to Cody that I would really REALLY like to go to Hawaii for my birthday this year which is in November, but I'm not sure if we're going to be able to swing it because he's taking a trip to Africa this summer. We'll see though.
      I started Taming of the Shrew last night, and it is definitely outrageous. Shakespeare was such a wit. I've never seen Kiss Me, Kate, but I've heard some of the music from it. 10 Things I Hate About You is such a classic 90s film. I just re-watched it recently since they put it on Netflix. I hadn't seen it in at least 5 years.

    2. Also, is that The Armor of God by Priscilla Shirer? I think my women's Bible study group is going to be doing that study soon.

    3. The brownies were delicious! Our tentative dates for Florida are March 15-22, with a birthday party for Sentry in Jacksonville the morning of the 18th. November before Thanksgiving is in the off season and a good time to come! Look for tickets exactly 6 weeks before and try to fly out on a Tuesday.

      Yes, Priscilla Shirer! I'm terrible about homework, but a couple friends of mine are discussing the possibility of doing it this summer, so I plan to go back and re-do whatever I miss. I've been in and out a lot with my regular study group.

    4. Aw, man! I'm not even going to be in Florida while you're here! Bummer. Even more of a reason to come visit you in Hawaii, I guess! ;)

  3. Reading: "Crossing the Waters" by Leslie Leyland Fields, and also reading 1 and 2 Samuel.
    Watching: Tonight for our "Movie Night", and old episode of MacGyver. This weekend, I hope to watch some of NASCAR Daytona races.
    Listening: A mix of music.
    Jonesing: Nothing really.
    Recovering: N/A
    Memorizing: Working on refreshing the Book of James. It's an ongoing process. I wish once I memorized something it would stay with me, but it doesn't.
    Trying: to balance caring for me and my parents. It's a real learning experience. Thankful that I'm here, and able to help care for them as they age.
    Loving: Prince! My new adopted kitten. He's such a cutie and a real Prince Charming!

    1. Congratulations on your little Prince! What a neat story of God's blessing! :)

  4. Love Parks and Rec. I actually had a dream that Jean ralphio shot me in the leg though lol...I am also jonesing for the beach. We're going in July but that is way too far away. You are going on a cruise really soon, right???

    1. Haha! Oh Jean Ralphio. That guy is the worst. My cruise is in less than 3 weeks!

  5. How in the world did I miss this post?! I just saw it in my email. Seriously, I don't know what's going on with my email, but Zanzummims! Did I spell it right? lol

    Anyway, I loved this post. It made me feel so in-tune with your life. Sorry I've been slacking on the blog-writing front lately. I just haven't had a minute between working hardcore for tax season, working out hardcore for #fitnessseason (3 s's in a row...that was crazy), and trying to fit being a good wife and choir director in's been hard! And I don't even have pets or children! How do people with kids survive life?! I know I've asked that a MILLION times, but I seriously mean it.

    So before this comment turns into a ranting mess, I'm just gonna stop. Awww, this kinda reminds me of when we used to leave each other rambling messages. Those were the best :)

    1. So close--zaMzummims. ;)

      Not working full-time or having a full-time nanny probably helps. Haha!

      I'm so glad you came over for lunch yesterday--that definitely made up for the lack of blogging lately. In fact, I would ALWAYS rather hang out in person than creep on your blog. :)

      Love you, best friend!

    2. Well, you'll get 3 more chances to creep on my blog over the next 3 days, because I've scheduled 3 LONG-OVERDUE book summaries to be posted ;)