Friday, February 19, 2016

Casual Fridays

Have you ever read or heard of these "Currently I'm..." blog posts? Because I've come across several and I always think they're super-fun and I want to do one and today seems like the day. So here we go.

... The Good Girl's Guide to Great Sex by Sheila Wray Gregoire and really enjoying it. I didn't think I was going to recap this on the blog, but I'm starting to reconsider. Too awkward?

... In Their Own Voices: Transracial Adoptees Tell Their Stories by Rita J. Simon and Rhonda M. Roorda. This is a book of interviews that I started last year. It's good, but it will probably take me all year to finish because I'm just reading 1 or 2 interviews at a time between other books. 

... my blog stats because we passed 10,000 views this week! Woohoo! Thank you, faithful readers!


... to pack up my Christmas decorations because it's about freakin' time.

... to choose what novel I want to tackle next. Any suggestions? Here's my book list for the year for you to reference.

... not to eat only sugar. But Valentine's candy, amiright?! Also, my sweet husband went out Wednesday morning before I got up and brought home a dozen glazed donuts from Publix. I may or may not have eaten half of them. Don't judge me.


... my brother because he left to go back to LA this week after having stayed with us for over a month. Come baaaaack!!! (P.S. I finally went and saw the new Star Wars, and I have to say, I loved it. It's so much better than Episodes I, II, and III, but obviously it doesn't even touch the originals.)
... my sister because I haven't seen her since forever and she's an AF pilot now!!

... my other brother and sister-in-love because now I just miss all my siblings, and they're the farthest away in Japaaaaan!
Christmas 2014

... Princess Diaries. The hubs and I watched both movies last night. Well, let me rephrase that: I stayed up watching both movies while he slept hardcore.

... Parks and Rec. I slept through most of season 1. Got interested during season 2. Died laughing through seasons 3 and 4. But I'm starting to lose interest again. Is it worth it to finish?

... Brain Games. Cody and I just started this show, and it's pretty fascinating. Plus, I'm banking on never getting Alzheimer's now that I'm watching it. Exercising the mind and all that. Seems logical, right?


... to Stressed Out on repeat. I'm addicted to this song lately.

... to Relient K's The Bird and the Bee Sides and Forget and Not Slow Down albums.

... to the Beach Boys because I am so ready for summer.


... my two little reading buddies.
... the weather this week. We're back up in the 70s during the day. Yay Florida sunshine!

... this necklace my honey gave me for Valentine's Day.

... on our very first home today! That's right. By the end of today, we will be homeowners. We're such grownups. I can hardly believe it, but I am sooo excited!

... the laptop now because it's time to get ready for this monumental day.

What's going on with you currently?



    write about the sex book if you want. it's your blog.

    congrats on 10,000!

    get those christmas decorations outta there, YOU'RE MOVING INTO YOUR NEW HOUSE!

    my vote is for Huck Finn.

    miss you too. miss you all guys too.

    finish Parks & Rec. you can't just quit.

    i am currently reading: your blog.
    trying: to get this contract job outta the way.
    missing: the fam!
    watching: LOST (annual rewatch)
    listening: lots of jack johnson and classic rock.
    loving: the glorious LA weather.
    closing: this comment. boom.

    1. This comment is fantastic. I like that you did your own "Currently I'm..." within the comment. You da best.

      Christmas decorations are down and in my new GARAGE! Dad and I painted our bedroom and the family room today. Phew! The bedroom is totes done, but the family room might need another coat. The house is awesome. I wish everything was moved in already.

      Do you really watch LOST every single year?

    2. i need to see pictures. stat.

      oh yes. LOST is one of my favorite stories ever. love re-visiting it.

    3. I will send you some pictures tomorrow. Maybe.

      But every single year? Really?

    4. how many books have you read over and over again?

    5. Fair. And yet...there's not a particular book or series that I read every. single. year. And that's my point.

  2. I totally trust your judgement, so either way, I think you will make the correct decision on reviewing or not reviewing the book. But in my own humble opinion: Do It!

    All of your siblings need to come home, but who am I to say...

    Princess Diaries: perfection!

    Parks and Rec: Don't waste your life.

    Beach boys: Timeless.

    The pups are growing and so cute. I miss him!

    The necklace is gorgeous. (Way to go Cody!)

    Yay! For closing on the house! I can't wait for the grand tour!!! So proud of you guys!

    I'm currently...

    Reading: The Bible and The Last Sin Eater (yes, in still trying to get through it!)

    Trying: To figure out how to get enough rest, have quality quiet time with God and still do everything else I've got to do...all while I'm 7 months pregnant!

    Missing: My Waylon, YOU, and the valentines candy that I ate already.

    Watching: Private Practice.

    Listening: A lot of old country. Like 90's country. Only the good stuff. Considering listening to some audio books. Any suggestions?

    Loving: My little family. The little baby that is constantly kicking inside of me. The fact that my eldest daughter is about to have her first tball game!

    Closing: This comment, because I've already tried twice and I won't comment again if it messes up ONE. MORE. TIME.

    Love you! ❤️❤️

    1. Yay! Thanks for persevering to leave me a comment. And such a great one! =) I wish you had been over watching Princess Diaries with me. I need A's complete t-ball schedule!! As for audio books, I recommend anything by Jane Austen. My first choice would be Emma. How many seasons of Private Practice are there? I watched the very first season when it was on TV but lost interest.

  3. I freakin love that photo of all the siblings...look at Cody and Caroline, their beautiful smiles betray their Hancock and Garcia blood.

    Ugh. I am so jealous of your two reading is the old Major fitting in??

    I am currently reading: your blog at work and slacking off.
    Trying: to make it to summer, winter is the WORST.
    Missing: the US of A, it is seriously the best.
    Watching: THE AMAZING RACE!!!
    Listening: to ipod got lost. Woof.
    Loving: my wife, she made me breakfast at 5 in the morning today!
    Closing: the window. It's freezing outside and I have no idea what maniac opened it but they should be shot.

    1. Your comment made me laugh a lot. Those poor in-laws with their sweet smiles. Chumps.

      Major is doing great, although today I thought I was going to have to take him to some urgent care animal clinic because he and Colonel were chasing each other around the yard and through the porch and he hit the concrete wall going full-speed ahead. I thought he shattered his paw. Bless his little heart. He's okay but he's definitely going to be more cautious running in and out of the porch from now on.

  4. Ok these comments gave me an idea.
    Besides the Bible, if you had to choose one book to read at least once a year, what would it be?
    If you had to each a certain food at least once a day, what would you pick?
    If you had to watch a movie at least once a month, which would you choose?
    And if you had to watch a TV series in its entirety once every five years, which would you watch?

    1. Ok, I'm going to attempt to answer these.

      The book question is definitely hardest. Probably something by Austen. Maybe Pride & Prejudice?

      Certain food: a bagel with cream cheese or peanut butter. Or eggs. Because you can cook them so many different ways...

      Movie: You've Got Mail.

      TV Series: Cosby.

  5. I am currently reading: your blog at work and slacking off. (I kept Oakie's previous answer, because it so applies to me #guiltyascharged)
    Trying: to be a writer, but it's sooo hard.
    Missing: the use of my left foot.
    Watching: people drive by...?
    Listening: to the office fan...and notifications popping up on my screen telling me to do stuff.
    Loving: my co-worker, Michelle! She's seriously the best!
    Closing: time. I don't know...that's all I got. When all else fails, word associate. haha

    1. As soon as I read "Closing: time" the song immediately popped into my head. You know the one...."I know who I want to take my home..."