Friday, February 5, 2016

Casual Fridays

Well, my brother and husband just made me watch A Walk to Remember with them, and I've cried out all the fluids in my body. I need to hydrate. I have such a love-hate relationship with that film. It's so good. But it gives me so many feelings. Let's talk about some happy things. 

First of all, how about a collage of our latest Busch Gardens adventure? Yay! for friends with passes!
We went last Saturday with Jon and Sydney, and as it turns out, Busch Gardens is even more fun when you go with friends. Especially for my husband because he finally had someone to ride Sheikra with. Because no matter how much he tries to talk me into it, I just can't. The more I watch that rollercoaster, the more terrifying it looks. In that picture of Sheikra on the right side of the collage, Cody and Jon are in the front row, enjoying their death-defying drop to the fullest. More power to you, guys. Sydney and I will stick with Kumba which all of us rode three times, by the way. What a fun day! Thanks for letting us tag along, you two! 

And now I just have to talk about yesterday because I had the greatest day. My husband let me skip off to the beach for the day all by myself. No dogs, no housework, no responsibilities. I've mentioned before that the beach is my happy place, so yesterday was really the best gift ever. 
This day was just perfect. It involved several of my "happy" things, and can I just say that never have I been more #happy to live in a state where the first week of February is beach weather?! #Floridagirlforlife

There was one dark spot in my day though. I don't know if I've ever told y'all this, but I hate birds. In 9th grade, I was made to watch the movie Birds (the Alfred Hitchcock HORROR FILM--why I was made to watch this in school is beyond me...then again, I was also made to watch Sybil...public school, amiright?!). Anyway, ever since I saw that movie, I've had a healthy apprehension around most winged creatures. Yesterday, as I was sitting in my most favorite place on earth, eating my most favorite beach snack (celery & peanut butter), an overly-bold seagull swooped down from behind me and snatched a piece of celery, already smothered in peanut butter, right out of my hand with his beak just before I popped it in my mouth. You guys. I didn't even see him coming. It was awful. I was so stunned, I didn't even move. I think my heart actually stopped. But you know what? The joke's on him because he got his beak covered in peanut butter, and he couldn't even eat it. I got immense satisfaction watching him struggle to get that peanut butter off his beak. So there.

If you'll also direct your attention to the bottom left corner of the Beach Day collage, you'll notice I'm reading The Last of the Mohicans. Which, consequently, is the reason I haven't been blogging. I can't stop reading this book, y'all. It's so good. Hopefully I can finish it this weekend and get back to normal life because I can't put it down and my dogs and house are ready for me to get back into the swing of things around here. 

Speaking of my house, I came home from my already-perfect day at the beach yesterday to a sparkling clean kitchen (which is really a big deal considering the absolute wreck it was before I left) and a vase full of the most gorgeous roses I've ever seen. #ohyeshedid
Oh and my husband called me his "bae". We're such grownups. But seriously though. Aren't those the prettiest roses you've ever seen? They're like, a coral color. So, so beautiful. All you husbands out there, here's a free tip: spoil your wife the week before Valentine's Day. She will not expect it, and you will get major brownie points. And if you think you lucked out because you have a wife who doesn't care about Valentine's Day, you're wrong. She does. I'm right about this, trust me. And read this, because it's so true and makes my point better than I can. 

Well, that's all I've got for today. Okay fine, I just want to go back to reading The Last of the Mohicans. Sue me. I hope your February is off to a fabulous start!

What movies always make you cry no matter what? (I have an entire list, believe me.) Do you have a secret animal phobia? What's the greatest thing about your home state (or town...or country...or wherever you live)?


  1. PS I Love You. The Notebook. And, surprisingly, Stick It. Right after she drops the secret about her mom's affair and gets on the balance beam and starts crying. Gets me every time.

    1. Stick It?? Interesting. I don't think that one has ever actually reduced me to tears, but that part is pretty emotional. Wait--actually, I do get a little choked up when her coach stops her right before she's about to do her floor routine at the end and tells her he's proud to be her coach. Man. I literally do cry at everything. P.S. I Love You is definitely one of my go-tos.

  2. What did I tell you about the Last of the Mohicans?? So freaking good.
    Nice beach photos, we are such a family of extremes.
    I need to get to Busch Gardens. You know I haven't even been there since Sheikra opened? I know, lame.
    As far as your questions go:
    I don't watch movies that would make me cry. I am there to be entertained, not depressed. Duh.
    Secret animal phobia: pretty much all creepy crawly stingers and biters, but I feel like that is a healthy, normal fear.
    Greatest thing about my home town: family and friends. Every time. Also warmth.

    1. Yeah, you were definitely right about The Last of the Mohicans. It's one of those great ones that leaves you on the edge of your seat at the end of just about every single chapter.
      Speaking of extremes, how was skiing? I have never had the desire to snow-ski in my life. I don't think I would enjoy it at all.

    2. It was awesome. Cold and wet but still awesome. And not nearly as awesome as Sumo Wrestling. We should go when you and Cody come visit!!

  3. I love the cover, and I am most definitely intrigued. Great pick! Have a wonderful day.

  4. Those flowers are GORGEOUS.
    Well done, Cody.
    Crying movies for me: Return to Me, Bambi & The Notebook (duh).
    Animal phobias include cockroaches & big dogs chasing me...
    Greatest thing about my home state is centrality: beach, big city, & woods all within a couple hours. Love!
    Your life is looking so fun right now!! I'm glad you're soaking it up :)

    1. Return to Me?? Really?? Caroline. That's in my top 5 favorite movies of all time! I kid you not. Ask Cody. #kindredspiritsFOREVER