Thursday, May 28, 2015


Well, y'all, I have finished watching Season 20 of Dancing With The Stars. You don't have to be afraid to talk to me about it anymore. 

First of all, I have to say, this may have been the best season ever. Seriously. When it finally got down to the finale, I could not have been happier about who the final three were, and I wanted all of them to win. Really. I may have cried a little about the fact that they couldn't just make it a 3-way tie and give them all golden mirror ball trophies. 

And the freestyle dances?! Holy cow. By far the three best freestyles in one finals episode I have ever seen. 

But I just have to share this one:
This guy. Oh man. He is a true American hero, and I am so happy that America got behind him and supported him throughout this entire show. When he and the other two guys lifted Sharna during the dance and then the two other guys stepped away, it was like someone released the floodgates. I started bawling. For real. Like, ugly-crying, and I could not get it together. I had to pause the show for a while. And then when I watched it again just now, I started crying AGAIN

Way to go, Noah Galloway. You truly are amazing.