Monday, April 13, 2015


**WARNING** Today's post is a stroll down a meandering dirt path buried somewhere deep in the recesses of my mind. Musings from Scriptures I've been reading recently. Lots of questions and not much resolution. If this is not for you, read no further.

Joab is one of the most perplexing characters in all of Scripture to me. I mean, he was extremely loyal to David (to the point of obeying David in his wicked scheme to kill Uriah). He spoke the truth to David even when it was hard for David to hear or accept (like after Absalom died and David was mourning instead of thanking the people for their loyalty and valor). He was one of David's mightiest men, and David obviously trusted him (he put Joab over the entire army). Joab was probably one of the greatest war heroes in the Bible. 

Yet at the end, David--from his deathbed, mind you--expressed his desire to Solomon that Joab be put to death. And Solomon had him executed. 

What is that??

Of course Joab made mistakes. No one is perfect. But why at the end of his life did David want Joab executed? Had he harbored anger toward Joab because Joab killed Absalom? Was pledging his loyalty to David's older son Adonijah the cause? Was David still experiencing guilt over killing Uriah and feeling bitter towards Joab for the role he played in that situation? I mean, Joab had given David wise counsel at other times. Why didn't he write David back and tell him not to be so foolish?

I know the explanation David gives to Solomon is that Joab killed innocent men in peace time and that blood was on David's head. And maybe it really is as simple as that. Maybe David didn't have the heart to carry out the proper punishment because he did love and trust Joab and valued his loyalty. 

But it just seems so abrupt to me. So out of the blue. It makes me wonder if there wasn't more to the story that we're not privy to. I wonder...

Are there certain stories from the Bible that you wish you could fill in some blanks for? That you're left wondering about? A scene you wish you could have watched as a fly on the wall? I have many. Tell me some of yours.


  1. david is so fascinating to me. his entire story. and all his supporting characters. it's just good stuff. these are good questions.

    i wish i could have been there for the jonah stuff. and the jericho stuff. and of course to be in john's shoes during "revelation".

    but more than anything else, i think, i would have liked to be a fly on the wall during Jesus' time as a boy in Joseph and Mary's house. how he interacted with them, and his siblings especially. THAT would be interesting to see.

    1. Yes. I so wonder what Jesus' family life was like while He was growing up. Too many questions.

  2. So many questions to ask when we get to Heaven. Chris Rice. I love how much of a deep thinker you are. It's what makes us best friends :)

    1. Best friend. I almost posted the lyrics of that song along with this. We are so best friends.