Friday, November 10, 2017

Casual Fridays

Where to even start? It's been a hot minute since we had a Casual Friday around here, and let me tell you why:
We got another puppy! I'm so kidding (what do you think I'm insane?!), but we did have him over for a few days while his family was out of town. We also went to Alabama for a weekend and finally got to spend time with my entire family. It's been way too long since we had all been together. Like, over two years, y'all. That's too long.
We had a Celebration of the Reformation concert at my church in which I was part of the choir, both puppies have had health issues lately, Halloween came and went, work, dentist, AWANA: suffice it to say, things have been busy around here.

But not too busy for me to read two books in the last two weeks. Sunset Lullaby by Robin Jones Gunn (the very last book from my 2017 book list!) and Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie. 
What can I even say about this precious book? It was the perfect way to wrap up the series I've been reading for over 15 years now. I was actually bawling at the end. That's not an exaggeration. I was ugly-crying, y'all. In the best way. I'm not planning to recap this one, so let me just say that I really do think this was the perfect way to end the Christy Miller saga. However, Robin has announced that she has begun writing a new book to be the first in the Gather series in which Christy will be a main character. I have mixed feelings about this because it's all about a group of young moms encouraging and supporting each other during the child-raising years. I'm not in that club, but, as you know, I love Robin Jones Gunn and everything she touches. read or not to read: that is the question.

There will be a recap of Murder on the Orient Express coming to a blog near you soon (hint: this blog, Monday) so that's all I'll say about that for now. I'm currently reading a biography of Thomas Jefferson (over halfway done!), Anne of Green Gables (for like, the hundredth time), and the Gospel of John. Which brings me to something I've always wondered about: what do you think the relationship between Jesus and John the Baptist was like before Jesus' ministry years? I mean, they were related and John's mother certainly understood who Jesus was. Don't you think she told John stories growing up about the miraculous circumstances surrounding his own existence, his father's dumb days, that his cousin Jesus was the Messiah? Do you think John and Jesus ever met each other and played together at family reunions when they were boys? I wonder about these things.
Did you really think you'd get out of this post without me gushing at some point or other about my nieces? Let's just start with the top left: are they not the cutest trick-or-treaters on the planet? Especially that little ladybug. I can't. And what does the top right say to you? Pure joy? Correct. Bottom left: my oldest niece is a ballerina. Not for Halloween, she has started taking ballet classes. Her recital at the beginning of December is literally the biggest deal on my calendar right now. And obviously, I am my niece's B.F.F. That goes for all of them, bottom right there is just the mascot. Insert all the heart-related emojis imaginable. 
We have completed another puzzle, you guys. And when I say "we" I really just mean "me". I did this one almost completely by myself. And I finished it in like a week. I was addicted to this puzzle. I need to go get some custom frames made for this one and the pumpkin one. 12x34 inches. I'll probably go to Michael's but does anyone know of any other place that does custom framing that might be better (read: cheaper)?
I gave myself a pedicure recently, and I once again achieved smudge-free status! I think my BFF Lyndsey's trick of doing thin coats and letting them dry completely is the key. My toes were sorely in need of some TLC, and I actually went to Tips & Toes for a real pedi, but after waiting over 45 minutes with not even an acknowledgement from anyone that I was even there (and three other ladies coming in for scheduled appointments and no one acknowledging THEY were there either), I left and went home to do it myself. I mean, can you really beat having two puppies snuggled up to you with Gilmore Girls on the TV while your toes dry? I think not.

And speaking of Gilmore Girls, I've finally decided that I'm not #TeamJess or #TeamLogan or #TeamDean (I can't even believe there are #TeamDean people in the world, but apparently they exist); I've decided I'm #TeamMarty (which could also be called #TeamNakedGuy if we wanted to get cute about it). He definitely got the shaft and if Rory really does turn out as horribly as A Year In The Life made her out to be, then Marty's the only guy on her level. Jess is too good for her. Yeah, I said it. 
And if you're still reading, you may remember from back at the beginning of this never-ending post that I mentioned my poor, sweet puppies having health drama lately. Colonel somehow got a staff infection which meant we had to shove pills down his throat twice a day for two whole weeks, and now Major is getting over pink eye which means we've been putting some kind of steroid goop on his eye all week. (Don't get me started.) They are the best, but they have been a bit on the high-maintenance side lately. Bless.

Ok. We've been here way too long. I just have to throw in a quick plug for my latest obsession: Heather Land - I Ain't Doin It. She is hilarious and you need her in your life.

Also, my birthday is one week from today. Please consider donating to Compassion in honor of me turning 30. So far, we've raised enough money for 4 water filters and we're halfway to a 5th one, but if we're going to make it to 30, we've got a ways to go.

Much love, homies. Over and out.


  1. Okay, I was totally leaving an awesome comment about your post in which I was scrolling back up to look at the post and leaving a numbered list of my thoughts, when my phone decided to just go to the next entry and lose all my progress. So this is the point at which I talk to text my comment, and if it makes no sense, oh well.
    So the first thing is I love your family, I love family reunions, and I can't wait until tonight!
    The second thing is, we all know that you love Robin Jones Gunn and you will read any book she writes, and Christy Miller is pretty much like your fictional BFF, so who are we trying to kid here that you're not going to read her next book? #punnotintended.
    The next thing is I love all of your book Recaps, so please post any and all of them soon so I can read them; they make me smile.
    The next thing is you are so boss at puzzles and I love you for it. Once again can I just reiterate - how are we best friends since we're so different? I don't have the patience for reading classics, doing puzzles or watching the Gilmore Girls drama, but you totally do, and you rock at it.
    And also, I'm just going to say it. You're better at blogging than me, so why am I even considering writing in my entire life?
    Well, this, is turning into one of those super long rambling voicemails I used to leave you, so I hope you appreciate it.
    And even though your dogs are high maintenance, I still love them, especially when they're being super cuddly.
    Well, at this point, I can't remember anything else that you wrote in your blog post, and I'm too scared to scroll up to look, because I might lose all the progress I've made, so I guess this is where I will end. Love you!

    1. DUMB PHONE!

      I love them too and ME EITHER!

      I know. Who am I even kidding?

      Murder on the Orient Express: seriously it's already written and going live Monday. You're welcome.

      Opposites attract? In a totally platonic way, obvs. And thank you! I could not stop working on that puzzle. I finished it in like a week.

      I wouldn't say I'm "better" at it; I would say I'm more consistent at it. Big difference. You should write because you're so creative and have come with an entire fictional epic. I only write about my daily life and books other people wrote.

      I love them too. They're so sweet and they always love me even when I yell at them. They're the best.

      Jesus and John. What do you think?

    2. Jesus and John...hmmmm. it's always been really hard for me to imagine Jesus on Earth living life like anyone of us, so it's weird to me to picture him having earthly relationships and a human body with human limits. Like, did he have a practically perfect human body or did he have some kind of idiosyncrasy like bad breath, hairy back, chicken legs or weird BO? I know, I just went there. Haha

    3. Haha! I don't think about the physical aspects about Jesus as much as I think about the relational ones.