Monday, October 10, 2016


Y'all. The announcement has finally been made. The next Christy book is coming soon. And you know that confirmation e-mail for my pre-ordered copy is already sitting in my Inbox. In 45 short days, I will be catching up with my very favorite real life fictional friends. I can't wait.
And wouldn't you know, I almost missed the announcement yesterday?! I have been positively haunting--HAUNTING, I SAY--this woman's blog for weeks, and the one day I don't check it, she rolls out the good news. I went over to my friends' house last night after church to hang out and eat pizza, and they casually mention something about seeing the pre-order option on facebook and I lost my mind. I immediately got out my phone (oh, btw, I finally have a reason to appreciate my Smart Phone), checked the blog, and sure enough, there was the post. I promptly proceeded to order my copy, from my phone, sitting on my friends' couch. Because priorities, people. #crisisaverted

That's all. You're welcome. Oh and P.S. I apologize if this post was misleading in any way. To clarify, I am not pregnant. Cody and I are not expecting any tiny humans. This is entirely about my friend favorite book series. The end.


  1. This post is amazing. I especially like your use of strikethrough. And I am SO BEHIND on Todd and Christy's marriage! :(

    1. You can borrow them anytime you're ready!! :)

  2. Hahaha it looks SO MUCH like a real baby announcement image hahahaha. #hashtagsonpoint