Tuesday, October 18, 2016

A Tuesday Confession

I don't "get dressed for the day" unless I'm going somewhere.
I know a lot of people who claim they function better and feel better about themselves when they take the time to "get dressed for the day".
And I get that.
But if I'm not leaving the house, "getting dressed for the day" just means more laundry to me.
In other words: not worth it.
I'm mostly a homemaker, I live in cotton house-dresses, and I rarely put on any makeup.
And I like it like that.
Is that so wrong?
Do you like to "get dressed for the day"?
Or do you prefer to stay in your pajamas or house-clothes if you're not going anywhere?


  1. I feel better when I am "dressed for the day". I also like it because I'm a last minute/spur of the moment person and if justvall of sudden want to go somewhere or see someone...DONE. I'm already dressed! But, unfortunately I am just in gym clothes most of the time. Don't get me wrong, I love a good pj day, but I like it better when I'm dressed. Plus, I already do about 10-12 loads of laundry a week anyways, so what is one more. #lifewith3kids

    1. Yeah, I just like to be comfortable and if I want to pick up and go somewhere, I can get dressed in 3 minutes. Totally different for you with 3 kids! But even if I'm dressed for the day (like for work or church or whatever) as soon as I get home, the clothes come off immediately
      and I get back into one of my comfy, cotton dresses again. LOL!

  2. House clothes for the win!
    Sweat pants & a tank top are my go-tos and I just add a sweater if it's chilly out.
    Also, thanks to Japan, I have house shoes now. HOUSE SHOES.

  3. I just go naked. Then no laundry at all...

    1. Ok, pal, let's try to keep things G-rated for the internet....