Friday, September 25, 2015

Casual Fridays

First of all, hi. This is what I'm dealing with over here pretty much anytime I'm trying to blog. So you'll forgive me when my posts don't make sense because, I mean, come on.

Second of all, HAPPY FALL! For my comrades down here in the Deep DEEP South--or Northern Cuba as some of us like to call it--Wednesday was the first day of Autumn according to Google. At my house, that means busting out my meager but happy decorations, cranking Michael Bublé, and burning all the apple/pumpkin/cinnamon spiced candles I can get my hands on.
Wait, have we not talked about my candle fixation yet? I can't. That's another post for another day. But it's real, y'all. It blows my ChapStick problem out of the water. 

And speaking of ChapStick, my BFF Lynds got me another one. She is so my enabler, you guys, and she has definitely got the eye for it. I've pretty much been forbidden to go near the ChapStick when I'm shopping because groceries, but Lynds, thanks for having my back, girl!

Ok, in unrelated news, I watched Jurassic Park for the first time ever in my life last week. I know, I know. Hold the snarky remarks, por favor. I'll let the following conversation I had with my brother give you an idea of how I felt about it. Also, I have learned to screenshot. Be so proud of me. I feel like I've finally arrived in the 21st century.

It's one of my brother's favorite movies. And I like to torment him sometimes. It's how we do life. We love each other a lot. 
Circa September 2011

Ok, moving on before I get emotional, and actually, speaking of emotions, let's talk about why I could never ever be a coach on The Voice. Besides, you know, the obvious fact that I'm not a famous celebrity rockstar. 

I could never be a coach because I'm one big mass of feelings all the time. People are just beautiful--GORGEOUS--and I love them all.

I would press the button before they even started singing. 

I'm not kidding. I cry during their intro stories. I beat my button at home to death (which oddly resembles the arm of my couch). I cheer them on--out loud--to the very last note. I clap when they get a chair to turn, and I cry when no one turns around for them. 


I can't watch it when Cody's around because he looks at me like I'm fresh off the funny farm. 

And if I was a coach and we got to the Battle Rounds, I'd have a nervous breakdown. 
Is this post getting out of control? Let's wrap it up with some Link Love and call it a day.

- Greatest Dad Wins EVER : You guys. When she takes her dad the jar to open. Best one.

- A Powerful Practice for Prayer : This was super-helpful to me. What kind of practical things keep you praying without ceasing?

- Princess Cut : Hey locals, get your ticket NOW.

- How To Leave Me A Comment : Because DO IT.


  1. Well, I for one will be happy to see the faded heart wreath come off your front door. Thanks for sharing the exchange with Reagan. I love my kids!!!
    Happy Fall indeed.

    1. Aww, I love my happy little heart wreath!

  2. Hannah Isobel Hancock, sometimes I just cannot get over how funny you and your siblings are together.. i.e., the interchange between you and Reagan via your smartphone, which by the way, congratulations on joining the 21st century, anyway that exchange just had me cracking up so hard. I love you and the Osborne family. And also on another note, I still haven't preordered my princess cut ticket yet - don't hate me - but I will do that soon and we will go together and it will be awesome :-) and also another thing, please excuse my run on sentences with poor grammar, because I'm dictating this to my smartphone and ain't nobody got time to go back and edit grammar.

    1. Baahahaha! I totally forgive you. Especially since you just went on a commenting spree on my blog. You da best!

      Also, you should blog about Princess Cut! Basically, I just want you to blog more. And I want to see your Old Towne engagement pictures!

    2. Can we Skype at some point today? :)

  3. I'll ALWAYS be your Chapstick enabler. ALWAYS. (Sorry brother)

    Jurassic Park is alright...I agree the toilet scene is probably the funniest.

    Happy Fall to you too!! I have my Farm Apple Pumpkin shamelessly burning all day errday.

    The Voice!!! Augh!! We need to talk about it. Also, DWTS. Have you seen any yet?? You seriously just need my HULU plus password...

    1. I have been using the mango one like crazy all week. Love it!

      I have watched the first two episodes. I just haven't watched Tuesday night's yet. So I know the first person who got eliminated but not the second one. Mommy just gave us her directv info so we can watch it on the xbox now!!

  4. I wish Google had a like button so you know I do read these. I just haven't had time to comment. :) I think the first Jurassic Park is the only one worth watching. I have not seen the new one yet, but am excited to see it. Love Chris Pratt. Hannah we need to watch DWTS together. No one over here wants to see it. :)

    1. Cody says the second one is whatever but that the third one is good. We haven't watched them yet. Neither of us have seen the new one. I heard a lot of mixed reviews about it.

      We totally should watch DWTS together! I am so not happy that Len isn't judging this season. He's like, the only voice of reason.

  5. The DAD video!! Hahaha I love it!! And I was just telling Rauno that the girl bringing the jar to her dad was the BEST one! haha

    Also it's Reagan's Birthday Happy Birthday to him!

  6. We're so witty and clever and everyone should want to be us. But listen here. That movie is excellent.

    And yes, the girl running the jar to her dad is the best.

    And thanks Oak for getting my birthday back.

    Love you guys.

    1. Speaking of us being so enviably great, did you ever see this post??