Wednesday, September 23, 2015

How To Leave Me A Comment : A Tutorial of Sorts

Hello, friendly readers, and a good Wednesday to you. In the seven months that I've been blogging, I keep hearing these words (or some variation of them), "I tried to leave you a comment, but it was hard so I gave up."

Listen. I feel your pain. I am no friend to the technology myself. I tried to blog from my phone once, and it ended badly. Like, an episode of Criminal Minds badly. Blood everywhere. I jest, but honestly, it did not go well. 

If you've never left me a comment and have no intention of doing so, well, that hurts a little, but I get it and I can deal. I read blogs on the daily, and I'm not trying to comment on all of them. 

But if you want to leave me comments and have been deterred by some difficulty or other, this post is for you. I'm going to do my best to break it down, and BONUS: I even took pictures. So let's see if this makes any sense or helps anyone. Here we go.

You're on my blog, and you're reading through my most recent post. If you get to the end and you don't see a place to leave a comment, you probably never clicked on the title of the post and if you continue to scroll down, you will see the blog post I wrote prior to the one you just finished reading. It'll look something like this:
At this point, you have options. Option 1: continue perusing my posts and laughing hilariously at my one-woman side show. Option 2: click out of my blog and move on with your life taking a piece of my sad, dejected heart with you. Option 3: decide to make my day and click where it says "1 comment". Depending on how many comments that post has or has not generated, the 1 may be a different number. Doing that should lead you to a screen that looks like this:
Here's the part where you need to pay attention. Before you start typing your comment, I recommend that you select your profile. When you click on those arrows, you will see this drop down box:
When I am leaving comments on other blogs, I usually sign in with my Google account. This will require your e-mail address and password. If you have already typed something in the comment box before you sign in, you will lose it and have to start over. That is why I recommend selecting your profile before you type your comment. If you choose "Anonymous", no password is required, but remember, I don't know who you are so if you decide to choose "Anonymous" and expect me to know it's you, leave your name in your actual comment. You can also select "Name/URL" without having a password. It will take you to this screen:
You are not required to enter a URL on this screen to continue, but if you have a blog of your own, this would be a place where you could enter your blog's URL. If not, you can type your name and hit "Continue". If you choose "Anonymous" or "Name/URL", you will be required to check a box that ensures you are a living, breathing human. It looks like this:
Once you check that box, hit "Publish" and you have officially made my day. After you click "Publish", you should be able to see your comment under the blog post. If you don't, we have tragically derailed somewhere along the way, and I apologize. But if you have been successful, check back because I try to respond to all comments that I get.

And if you want to leave me a comment from your phone, good luck because I haven't figured that out yet.

If this was helpful, use that newfound knowledge to leave me a comment below, and have a fantastic day.


  1. The part about clicking on "comment as:" was helpful, as I have lost many comments by not doing this first. However, I most often read your posts in my email and fail to click through to the actual blog, so I get in a hurry and don't comment. But I love reading your blog and will try to do better. You make me smile. Love, Mom

  2. Now? Really? You choose NOW to put this up?? AFTER I have worked and toiled and struggled to figure this impossible combination of buttons ON MY OWN!??! Unbelievable.

    1. I purposefully waited till after you figured it out. Muahahahaha!

  3. Hahaha! Oh man! Oakie cracking me up. Yeah, I only read your blog on my phone, so the experience of leaving you a comment is a bit different than you explained above. But it's okay, because I have my own blog, & a smartphone, so I get it :-) also, on a side note, I am dictating this comment from my phone because sometimes I get so sick and tired of having to sit here and try and type out my comment on my phone because it just frustrates the crud out of me and I just want to throw my phone across the room and smash it into little tiny pieces, but then I realize how psychopathic that sounds because I spent so much on this phone and I do not relish the thought of spending more money on another one. So that's all. & I love you. And that's it.

    1. Hahahahahaha!

      But if you smashed it, you could get an iPhone and we could facetime.

      So there's that.

    2. Yes. If only I had a few hundred extra bucks laying around ;) Plus, I'm still not in love with Apple yet. Gotta rep my Android :)