Friday, February 27, 2015

Casual Fridays

So I've been sick. Like, congested, eyes watering, pressure-to-the-exploding-point, splitting headache, nose like a faucet, keeping Puffs in business, hacking up a lung, razor blades every time I swallow, feel like I've had an intense ab workout from all the coughing, sick. Not fun. I'm super-thankful for a caring hubby who has been nursing me back to health. Literally. He's a nurse, y'all. So what have I been doing? Binge-watching Full House, naturally.

Can I just talk about how much I love this show? Every episode makes me laugh AND cry. That's good TV. We own the complete series on DVD. It's in the cutest little box. Here's a picture:
I mean, really, how cute is that?! 

And now, it's time for a segment I just made up entitled: "A Few of My Favorite Things"
*cue The Sound of Music soundtrack*

Puffs Ultra Soft & Strong or Puffs Plus Lotion: I am convinced that these are THE best tissues on the market. I will never go back. I first purchased them right after I got married and wondered where they had been all my life. Seriously, do your nose a favor and never use anything else again. "A nose in need deserves Puffs indeed." It's true. And I literally have gone through 4 boxes this week. Not kidding.

Halls Breezers: No other cough drop can compare. It's like sucking on a piece of your favorite candy AND it actually soothes your throat. Winning.

Cups with Straws: Anyone who knows me knows you will not find me without a cup with a straw somewhere close by. Sick or not. I drink so much more water this way. So actually, my compulsion to buy any cute cup I see that has a straw sticking out of it is just me being health-conscious. (Tell my husband.)

ChapStick Total Hydration 3in1 Lip Care (Sweet Peach): Hello, my name is Hannah, and I'm a ChapStick-aholic. The struggle is real, y'all. I carry ChapStick with me everywhere. I keep it in the car, by the bed, in both bathrooms, the kitchen: it's all over my house. Even when I was walking around picking up a few tubes to take a picture (no, this is not all the ChapStick I own, quit judging me), I got upset because I couldn't find my Gingerbread scented ChapStick. And then I went on a frantic search for it. If anyone sees a lonely Gingerbread ChapStick lying around, please call me. If it wasn't for the fact that it was one my husband got me for Christmas, I might not be upset. Anyway, back to the point. My hubby also got me this 3in1 ChapStick (I'm telling you, he gets me), and it is to die for. My lips feel like silk when I use it. It is my new all-time favorite and the only kind I will be buying from now on. 

And last, Olay Ultra Moisture with Shea Butter Body Wash:  Oh. My. Goodness. I just started using this stuff this week, and I am in love. I have already noticed a difference in my skin, and it smells heavenly. Like, the freshest, cleanest, most wonderful scent ever. I need to go find out if they make a corresponding body lotion and buy it ASAP.

What are some of your favorite things? What is your sick-time go-to food, product, TV show, movie? And, this might be gross, but would you rather be ear/nose/throat sick or nausea/vomiting/diarrhea sick? Because even though I have been miserable all week, I would rather take another month of this than one hour of vomiting. I even said to Cody during a headache I thought I was going to die from, "I'm just so glad I'm not puking." I. Hate. To. Throw. Up. Thankfully, I'm on the mend and just about back to normal.

Happy weekend! I sincerely hope you are healthy and well. 


  1. Star Wars and chicken noodle soup every time. I'd take a sore throat over nausea any day.

    1. You and your Star Wars. =) Although I have come to love the original three. It just took some time after I was subjected to them so much in our childhood.

  2. 80s movies and ice cream. I'm such a girl. Also, I was in stitches over your chapstick section. STITCHES, I SAY.

    So when I typed in chapstick, it auto-corrected to chopstick and now I want Chinese food. #fatgirlprobz

    1. So, Cody and I got Half-Baked the other day, and I feel like I cheated on you. Sorry, best friend. I had to confess.
      P.S. I ate the whole pint in one sitting. Just like the old days.

  3. So, I don't throw up when I'm sick. Never have. The only time I've thrown up was when I was pregnant. Once with each of the boys. But after seeing my boys throw up, I'd definitely chose coughing over vomiting. :P

    Plus I guess you could call Uncle Joe and I are "crunchy", because we do the vitamin C, zinc, echinacea and cinnamon tea route when we are sick.

    But most definitely some random chick flick on Netflix and because Uncle Joe likes to cook ... I'll take whatever he would conjure up in the kitchen. :)

  4. The West Wing and definitely chicken noodle soup...but mostly just the broth. Keep it coming.
    Also...HOW HAVE I NOT KNOWN ABOUT THE CHAPSTICK THING TILL NOW?! Oakie acts like I'm the Lone Chapstick Ranger over here, using it like it's my JOB. And all the while his very own sister is a kindred spirit with his (minorly) addicted wife.
    Also ALSO, I'm a ditto on the ear/nose/throat preference.

    1. ChapStick addicts unite! We are so bosom buddies. And hey, at least our husbands can't ever complain about kissing dry, cracked lips.

      The West Wing, huh? I have never seen an episode. I will have to check that out.

  5. Tyler won't kiss me if I have anything on my lips EVEN chapstick. And I love chapstick.

  6. I'm very late here but I also hate puking. I am actually quite terrified to do it lol. Like, for real scared. I had to deal with people doing it while I worked and I got through that lol but seriously I will do whatever I can to avoid it. I almost think I have a phobia of it! Also next time I need tissues (I have bought maybe 2 boxes in my whole life), I'll buy some Puff's thanks to your advertisement :)

    1. Sydney, I am the same way. I will do anything to avoid it.

      Haha! They really are the best. Puffs should pay me for promoting them. =)