Friday, July 10, 2015

Casual Fridays

First of all, I have the best news EVER! This morning, while my man and I were preparing the house for our bug guy to come spray it down, I found my Gingerbread ChapStick! It was in a back corner in a box of stuff in one of our under-the-sink bathroom cabinets. How it got there, I will never know. I'm just happy that  the lost has been found. 

Cody's thrilled for me, can you tell?

Please excuse the hot mess going on on my head. It is what it is, ok?

Next on today's agenda: jury duty. I am starting to have a hard time believing that prospective jurors are chosen at random. Since I turned 18, I have been summoned for jury duty every or every other year. Not kidding. They've found me despite 7 different residences and a name change. Random? I don't think so. It's been almost exactly one year since I was last summoned. It's like they know I am eligible and immediately send me a new summons. 

Actually, I really don't mind jury duty all that much. I think it's my duty as an American citizen to participate if I'm able, and I think the process is interesting. 

But 6 summons in less than 10 years? I'm on to you, Stacy M. Butterfield.

Alright, y'all. Cody and I have joined the Smart Phone Generation. I have resisted this for as long as I could, but Cody told me that whenever the time came for us to buy new phones, they were going to be iPhones, and my poor little dumb phone sustained one drop on the hardwood too many. So here we are. (Quit judging me for my redneck case. We're already all well aware of my hick-status.) I actually have not completely switched over yet. I'm still rocking my little black LG till next Wednesday because that's when my month is up. But then it's iPhone city for this white girl. Be prepared for a text asking you to send me a pic for your caller ID. I'm OCD about that kinda stuff, and hey, you've been warned. Are there any apps I just have to have? Educate me. I will admit: Trivia Crack was aptly named. I'm addicted.

Colonel's Corner
Would you just look at this little cutie? This picture is actually pre-haircut, but I thought I'd share it anyway. We've noticed that this guy likes to be under things. I don't know if it's the dog den mentality or what, but if he's just chilling, he's usually under the dining room table, or under one of our TV trays, or under a chair, or under our bed. It's pretty adorable. He always picks a spot where he's got a visual on us, but it's typically under something. He's the greatest.

So looking at that picture of our new phones in their sweet cases reminded me I didn't tell you about my 4th of July weekend. 'Cause you were dying to know, right? Well, I was so busy having fun, I didn't take a single photo. So you get the play-by-play minus any visual stimulation. Sorry. On Friday, our sweet friends George and Rachel came over for lunch (taco salad for the win!), and we got to spend some quality time catching up on their lives. They are currently living in VA where George is doing it huge at medical school. I fondly refer to Rachel as my Original Baby because she and her siblings were some of the first kids I ever babysat back in the day. And now she's having a baby! (Quit thinking about how ancient I am.) So while our husbands talked medicine, we talked families, and I got to feel Baby Girl kicking around in that tiny belly of hers. Sweet, sweet times. (Lovey, I can't believe we didn't take a picture together with your baby girl bump! I may have to come up to visit before Baby Girl comes just to remedy that.) After our visit, we spent the rest of our Friday night and all day Saturday out at my in-laws' house living it up. Yummy food, playing games, pool time, and we even watched Divergent. I wasn't really dying to see it, but I stayed awake for the whole movie. So there's that. Also, I don't see why everyone thinks "Four" is so hot. I wasn't impressed. Anyway, on Saturday night, Cody and I split up to do airport runs on opposite sides of the state. He went to get my mom, dad, and gramma from St. Pete/Clearwater, and I went to get my sister from Sanford. We're the best ever. Sacrificing our firework time to pick up loved ones from the airport. No big. (Do you love how humble I'm being right now?) And then finally on Sunday, the whole family (my side and Cody's side) came over for a big Sunday dinner at our house. My awesome mommy-in-law did all the cooking and it was fabulous. We finished the weekend out by gathering at the Lord's Table with our local Body of believers. Independence Day 2015 was a massive success.

Alright, let's wrap this post up with some Link Love and call it a day.

-Going Forward : Because it is a word fitly spoken.

-19 Wise Truths We Learned From Winnie the Pooh : Because I love me some A.A. Milne.

-Kitchen Drawer Drums : Because this is just so cool.

-21 Lost Lady Traditions That Still Apply Today : Because can we just be ladylike, for crying out loud?!

-Doghouse Diaries: Fine Dining : Because this pretty accurately sums up how I feel about the whole organic, gluten-free craze we seem to be living in lately.

Have an awesome weekend and don't forget to educate me on how to be a Smart Phone person. K, thanks.


  1. Um, I know you aren't on social media, but Instagram is super fun with cool pictures. (I know, you won't get it, was worth a try!)

    Pinterest is a waste of time, for you. I mean that in the sweetest MOST loving way possible.

    Compassion has an app, I have that one.

    Layout, which gives you different layouts for pictures, so you can make cute little collages of cute pictures. ;)

    I am going to download Trivia Crack again (so you can dominate me, every time).

    I also have my blog as an app on Blogger. That way you could look at it or post from your phone.

    That's it for me. Anything else is a huge time waster.....(because trivia crack isn't???).

    Colonel is THE cutest dog, ever.

    Jury duty??? I've never been summoned, ever.

    4th weekend, THE BEST!!!

    Anyways, I love you and I haven't had time to look at any of your link loves, but I will.

    1. Ok, I lied. I also have She Reads Truth (devotional app), ePantry (I get a monthly shipment from them of "green" pantry items), Citizens Bank (online banking), Relaxing Sounds (sound machine app), C25K and iHeart Radio apps. I was just looking at them and realized I didn't tell the entire truth. :-D

      I'm interested to hear what others have on their phones??

      P.S. Also, you HAVE to put I your password and username EVERY-TIME you log on to the banking app, it gives no hints or anything, so just wanted to clarify before you started getting scared about our financial life getting ruined. ;-)

    2. P.P.S. Hooray for finding the Chapstick!!!!

    3. Oh girl. I hear you on that Pinterest comment. And actually, I already have the Compassion app! We got a letter from one of our girls this week and they put a little insert in about their app so I downloaded it immediately. It's pretty cool! The Layout one sounds really fun. I will have to check that out. And you need to show me how to do the Blogger one. I put my blog on my home screen or whatever, but I can't blog from it, I don't think.

      That's what it seems like! Either you've never been summoned at all, or you've been summoned multiple times. Cody got summoned one time, but then he didn't even have to go. Which, in all fairness, the very first time I was summoned, I didn't have to go either. Who knows?

      I heard you saying "4th weekend, THE BEST!!!" like how Addyson says it about waffles. =)

      And thank you for reassuring me about your bank app. I've already told Cody that we are not having the Location finder thing turned on on our phones. I'm so paranoid! LOL!

      And yes. You would not even believe how excited I was when I found it. Actually, I have a funny story about it that I have to tell you (but only you) whenever we talk next. Haha!

  2. How you gonna say that you have a funny story, but we can't all know about it?? That's rude...

  3. Roku, photo grid, You version bible app, Word Academy (because of my love of words), King of Math (because of my love of numbers), and Kindle app (because of my love of free or cheap books). Also, I have apps that notify me when I get an email (super handy). Um... now I'm kinda sad I don't have an iPhone, because we can't ever Face Time :(

    1. I think I can get skype on my phone. Could we skype on our phones? Is Word Academy a game or like a word-of-the-day kinda thing? And is photo grid similar to Layout?

    2. Yes we could Skype on our phones and Word Academy is a very addictive game and Photo Grid is similar to Layout :)

    3. Oh my gosh, you're right. I downloaded Word Academy and SOMEBODY STOP ME! Which is better: Photo Grid or Layout?

    4. Um, have you played Anagram Academy? Talk about addicting.

    5. I like Layout better, but it was made specifically for Instagram. So, photo grid might be a better fit for you. ;)

  4. Oh man. I have become obsessed with apps. There are so many!!!!! I have Android so I don't know if apple has the same ones but "IF" is pretty handy. Pocket is awesome, you can save any article to read later. Push lets you push a link to another phone quickly by a tap of the finger. Instsgram is fun. Retail me not gives you coupons at a ton of stores and you just scan them in store. Ibotta helps you earn cash back or gift cards by scanning groceries. I love apps lol