Friday, July 31, 2015

Casual Fridays

So I haven't blogged this week. Sorry to disappoint. But I've been slugging my way through TR: The Last Romantic by H.W. Brands (seriously slugging my way. I've been reading this book off and on for over a year now. it's not the easiest one to get through), and my brain just had enough and it's been raining a lot (hello July in Florida), and this was just kindof a do laundry and watch movies week. For real, I've probably watched at least seven movies this week. Don't judge me. And don't ask me what they were because it's been a shameless chic flic marathon. There may or may not have been a pint of Ben & Jerry's Half-Baked involved at one point. 

Anyways, how about we do what I am dubbing a "Photo-Prompted Post" where I just throw a bunch of pictures from the past week up and then write whatever comes to my mind when I see them. Sounds fun and easy, right? And hopefully entertaining. Here goes nothing.
First up, Rice Chex because important stuff first, amiright? I know that many, many people might claim that this is the blandest, most boring cereal in the world and that it tastes like cardboard, but I legitimately love it. It's my favorite cereal ever. Or at least this week it is. I'm not kidding when I say that you could ask me my favorite cereal every week and you would get a different answer each time. I love me a bowl of cereal. But if we are talking about the Chex family, give me the Rice Chex and only the Rice Chex. Get your honey-nut, corn or whatever flavored Chex outta here.
Last Friday night, I had a Girls' Night Out with my girl Amelia Bedelia and it was totally fabulous. We started the evening off in a big way at Moe's where I consumed an ungodly amount of queso. Then we browsed several fun shops and Amy introduced me to Versona which is a super-organized (just the way we like it) accessory shop. Seriously, everything in there is perfect. We hit up Coldstone because GIFT CARDS and I had a cup of Watermelon Sorbet. Nothing mixed in. Boring, you say? Hello. Did you see the part where my favorite cereal is Rice Chex? Sometimes I like a simple flavor. Sue me. 
We browsed around Claire's because I will never grow up and found all these super-adorable sister necklaces and I seriously contemplated buying my sister and myself some because I love her more than life but she would never ever wear it so I contented myself with texting her a picture of the most special one I could find and telling her it was her birthday present. (How's that for a run-on sentence?) But Sarah, seriously, if I bought us sister-bestie necklaces would you wear it ever(?) because there actually were some cute ones and I love you!
We finished our Night Out off at Books-A-Million because how could we not?! And I found this adorable set of books which I almost spent a small fortune on, but I remembered in time that food is important and we need money for that so I bought a candle, a new game, and a 2016 Peanuts calendar instead. The cutest calendar ever actually, and I wish it was already 2016 so I could start using it. 
My brother-in-law practically lived at our house last weekend, and he, Cody, and I played two games of Scrabble: one on Friday afternoon, one on Saturday. I totally won both games like the champion that I am. Caleb was pretty upset that we wouldn't let him use the word "za" in Friday's game because according to him it's in the Scrabble dictionary. I'm sorry, but if you have to make up your own special dictionary to use hard letters in a game of words, I call foul. Use a real dictionary and real words. 
My honey finally has a running buddy. How sweet are they? He doesn't love this picture and he's probably not going to be bursting with excitement that it made the blog, but they both just look genuinely happy and that makes me genuinely happy. Especially since it means I don't have to run.
I mentioned last Friday that my husband was taking me out for a Date Night Saturday, and he totally delivered. We drove over to the Mall at Millenia where I nearly died with frustration trying to find a freaking parking spot. Once we got past that though, it was the best night ever. He took me shopping and spoiled me mercilessly. After we finished our shopping spree, we went over to The Cheesecake Factory for a late dinner. Let me just say that at this point, it was 9:45 and they informed us we would likely wait over an hour for a table. Are you kidding? Why are that many people waiting to eat that late at night? We decided to cross the street to my favorite Olive Garden, were seated immediately, gorged ourselves on breadsticks and alfredo sauce, managed to eat our entire dinner, pay, go to the bathroom and start heading home before The Cheesecake Factory texted us our table was ready. Ha! I didn't get my Wild Blueberry White Chocolate cheesecake, but I actually like the food at Olive Garden better (true story) so I wasn't too bent out of shape about it. My man knows how to show me a good time.
My BFF Erin texted me this picture yesterday. She and her sister are apparently on a roadtrip and they stopped at a Fazoli's in Missouri to eat and of course, she texted me a picture. Because she's cruel. A little history here: there are no Fazoli's left in the great (but obviously lacking in the Best Restaurant Ever department) state of Florida. They converted the one in my hometown to a Verizon store. I now curse Verizon vehemently every time I drive by it. Fazoli's breadsticks are the best and I could eat them for days. Anyway, anytime Erin or I eat at a Fazoli's, we torture each other with pictures. It's ok, we love each other, really.
Let's end with this picture because be. still. my. heart. These two! When Cody gets home from a long day of work, his dog just wants to be on him and it is the sweetest thing. They make my life full.

Have an awesome weekend! Hopefully I will have some book-related material for you next week, but don't hold your breath or anything. In the meantime, what's your favorite cereal? Favorite restaurant? Your biggest shopping weaknesses? Your thoughts on a Scrabble dictionary? What did you think of the Photo-Prompted Post? Just comment, okay?!


  1. Favorite cereal: Quaker Oh's
    Favorite restaurant: that's really hard. Harry's in Lakeland. And we recently just went to Shake Shack. They have the best burger I've ever had in my life! Also, any good pizza place.
    Shopping weakness: anywhere with a sale! Or any kid's stores. It's easier to shop for kids so I tend to do it too much while not shopping for myself! Lol
    We always use a scrabble dictionary and we use za all the time haha!
    I love the photo prompted post!

    1. Yay! Glad you liked it! I don't think I've ever had Quaker Oh's in my life. I will have to try those out. Yeah, I don't think I could pick a favorite restaurant either although for the purposes of this post: Fazoli's all the way. I don't think I'll ever get over them taking it out of Winter Haven. Where is the Shake Shack? I feel like I know that place but I'm drawing a blank at the moment. It is fun to shop for kids, but books are definitely my biggest weakness. I'm still jealous of that store you told me about in NYC. LOL!

      And yeah, Jon and Greg would always use "za" and "qat" in Take 2, and I always told them they were ridiculous. Haha!

    2. Yes, Oh's are so good! The Shake Shack I went to was up in NY but they have one in winter park and I will be going there soon lol. It's just too good. And yes, strand bookstore was the best bookstore! And yes, they use those every time haha

    3. Hmm. Well, let me know when you go to the one in Winter Park. I will totally come with. (And yes, I definitely just invited myself.)

  2. I might wear one if I got to design it...

    1. Well, I guess it's a good thing I didn't buy any for real then. But let's design some while I'm over there next week!

  3. dude. that fazoli's picture looks SO good right now. well done, Erin. well done.

    i want to meet your dog.

    "za" is not a word. get it together, Caleb. cheater.


    that date night story had me laughing. cody's the man.

    and rice chex is disgusting. you're gross.

    1. Quit judging my irrational love of Rice Chex.

  4. Favorite cereal? I will tell you the cereal I miss the most because I don't eat cereal anymore because Tyler's lactose intolerant so we don't buy milk ever. *deep breath* Cocoa Puffs or Cookie Crisp. Mmm.
    Favorite restaurant? Carrabbas. Hands down.
    Your biggest shopping weaknesses? Not ever money and wanting to buy pretty clothes and jewelry.
    Your thoughts on a Scrabble dictionary? I'm about it.
    What did you think of the Photo-Prompted Post? LOVED IT! YOU'RE SUCH A GOoD BLOGGER! :)))))
    PS: Super jelly about girls night with Amy!

    1. It's so sad that you don't eat cereal anymore. But it's probably healthier this way, huh?
      You would be about a Scabble dictionary. Oh please.
      Wish you could have come with us!

  5. Raisin Bran Crunch or Cinnamon Toast Crunch

    Carrabas. Give me authentic all day, errday.

    Um, what isn't my weakness?? Ugh. Mostly anything for the girls, shoes, books, cleaning supplies, clearance racks, all the things...

    Get out of here, Caleb. I'm with you. Use a real dictionary.

    Love your post. All of them. Seriously.

    1. Cody likes Raisin Bran, too. I don't mind eating raisins by themselves but I don't like them in things.
      You, me, and Christina should have a Girls Night Out to Carrabba's!!