Friday, May 26, 2017

Casual Fridays

Oh y'all. I thought April was the crazy month, but May slapped me across the face and then laughed about it. My grandmother passed away, my sister officially became a 2nd lieutenant in the USAF and then graduated from college, Mother's Day came and went, all the ants in Central Florida decided my house was the place to party (they were met with bleach and extreme hatred), my husband and I celebrated five years of marriage, and now I'm going through the ringer with these wisdom teeth. Honestly, there hasn't been much reading going on (although I did manage to fit in Slaughterhouse-Five), but that didn't stop us from buying an entire shelf-full of new books on our anniversary weekend--more about that Monday. For now, let's just look at pictures. That's always fun, right?
First of all, this little cutie-patootie (and her parents) are finally coming back to the States and you better believe I am going to be at the airport in Atlanta to pick them up and personally escort them to Alabama because it's been almost one whole year since I went to Japan to see them. I'm so excited! And I'm so thankful that their next home is within driving distance. I predict lots of weekend trips to AL in my near future. 
Speaking of my nieces, this little hot mess lost Tooth #2 a few weeks ago. I keep telling her she's not allowed to grow up, but look at her just defying my wishes and growing up anyway. It can't be helped. While we're on the subject of teeth, my wisdom teeth are coming out on Thursday so please pray that I don't pee my pants or anything equally embarrassing while I'm under the anesthesia and that I actually do wake up from the anesthesia when it's all over--but, for the love of everything holy, not before

Cody was working on our actual anniversary, but the night before, we spontaneously decided to take a date night over to Family Fun Center to celebrate our five blissful years as man and wife. We played all the arcade games (I ruled in skee-ball, he spanked me on the big-game hunting, and we tied on our street race through Rio even though the dumb computer attributed the win to him), ate a total junk dinner (pizza, wings, and cherry coke), challenged each other on the putt-putt course (he beat me by 8 strokes--I was totally off my game), and spent all our tickets on very mature items like plastic samurai swords (I got a black one, he got a red one) and green apple blow-pops (because duh). As you can see, the photobooth had an anniversary option. So apparently, we're not the only ones who like to celebrate our love by acting like a couple of teenagers, thankyouverymuch. We had a complete blast, and the night after our anniversary, we still had our grown-up date to the Melting Pot and Barnes & Noble

My anniversary roses. 
Because I couldn't not post a picture of them. 
Insert all the heart-eye emojis here.
These two, amiright?! It's a good thing they're so dang sweet because they (and by "they" I mostly just mean Major although Colonel hasn't been totally innocent) have been getting into the trash lately and eating it. I can't. It's so gross. We went out and got them some new chew toys this week and they have been loving the tough rubber tug-of-war rings we got them. So hopefully they'll stay out of the trash. 
I'm currently in the middle of Job and still slugging along in The Three Musketeers. I'm attributing my lack of headway in this book more to the craziness of the past couple months than the actual content, but I will say that it still hasn't grabbed me yet. I'm contemplating trying to squeeze in Hamlet or Agnes Grey this next week so I can actually check one of my book list books off this month. Thoughts?
And let's wrap this photo-sesh up with my three boys because aren't they the sweetest?! 
I'm the luckiest girl in the world. 

What's going on with you lately? Has May been crazy for anyone else? I still haven't gotten my beach day. What are you reading these days? Any suggestions of what to stock the pantry with during my convalescence? 


  1. Pudding!!! Yes, stock lots of pudding cups. And applesauce.

  2. i literally lived off of chocolate pudding, raspberry jello, greek yogurt/yogurt drinks, and ginger ale (Schweppes). then i slowly (mainly on the third day, personally my worst day) started to eat soup and also dipping bread in the soup so it would fill me up.

  3. excellent use of convalescence.

    give three musketeers time. you'll love it by the end. and get to the beach, you could die tomorrow.

  4. Not only are we parenthetical, we're a smaller font. LOUD & CLEAR.

    Can't wait to see you though, for real!!!

    We're moving in two weeks. May has been bonkers. I'm feelin' ya.

    I'm over half-way through Jane Eyre (an accomplishment, I find astonishing considering just how bonkers May has been). So. Good.

    THANK YOU! <3