Friday, March 17, 2017

Casual Fridays

I've been reading Judges this week and I have a question:

Why did Samson tell Delilah the secret to his strength?

I need a male perspective here because not once, not twice, but THREE TIMES he lied to her about what made him strong. And not once, not twice, but ALL THREE TIMES she did exactly what he said would take his strength away. And not only that, she had a whole posse of Philistine men ready to take him away captive.

I mean, did he think she was just playing around and wouldn't try the fourth tactic he gave her? Really??

Every time I read this passage of Scripture, I just can't get over this. Do women really have that kind of nagging power (Judges 16:15-17)? Are men's egos just that big (Judges 16:20)? If you're a man and you were in Samson's position, would you have given in??

The older I get, the more I realize that I can't criticize the Israelites for complaining in the desert or turning to idols or begging for a king. I can't get down on Peter for denying Jesus or castigate the disciples for arguing about who was the greatest. Because how many times have I complained, neglected my Lord, or argued with my fellow man about something petty? Too many to count. 

But I'm sorry, this Samson and Delilah situation just strikes me as completely and totally, 100%, you-must-be-stupid, this is a no-brainer, common sense choice. She is obviously out to get you, dude. You should not tell her where your strength lies. Very cut and dry. 

Am I missing something here?


  1. Interested to read comments. I'm not a man, so you didn't ask me. 😘😂

  2. never underestimate the power of a beautiful woman.

    i went and re-read the chapter. all three times that she tried to subdue him, text says that she "hid" men in the room in order to take him. my assumption is that she played it as a lovers' game. a secret between the two of them. something he could tell her and not anyone else. i don't think he knew others were even around. or maybe (we don't really know what Delilah did for a living, do we?) they were in some kind of brothel where privacy wasn't really a thing anyway? kinda kinky, pretty hot. i'm sure he'd be down.

    also, from reading the story, i never was under the impression Samson was that smart of a dude. not really a thinker. he was driven by his passions. didn't always think with his big brain. stick a babe like Delilah in front of him--only a few things are bound to happen for certain.

  3. So, Reagan, you're saying the Philistines never came out of hiding the first three times? When she said "they're upon you" he broke out and so they never came for him. That makes sense, right Hannah? I always wondered that, too, but I never considered that maybe they never showed themselves so he just thought D was joking with him. Good call, Reagan. (Mom)

    1. I've considered the possibility that they never showed themselves, but even if they didn't, did Samson somehow think she WASN'T going to shave his head after she did everything else? Did he not care about having his strength taken from him whether or not he would be immediately called upon to use it or not??

    2. started as a lovers' game. then she pulled the "how can you say you love me?" card. trumps all. text also says after that encounter, she nagged him endlessly about it. Samson fell for this girl, hook, line, sinker. i'm sure he thought he could trust her. beautiful babe + endless nagging = babe getting what she wants. history shows us this happens almost everytime, without fail.

      especially when the dude is a macho man with a huge ego and not a whole lot of brain and/or willpower.