Monday, May 2, 2016


You guys, I think I just died. 

Robin Jones Gunn just announced on her blog that she is writing a new 3-book series about Christy and Todd, and it will be called.......(wait for it)..........

The Baby Years!

I can't even.

She hasn't announced anything in such a long time (ever since last August when the third Married Years book came out. I mean, c'mon. that's like, forever), and I'm not gonna lie, I actually e-mailed her and asked if there was going to be another book in The Married Years. She e-mailed me back and said I had to wait patiently for news about new books like everyone else.

Well, I can't say I've been waiting patiently, but this news is so much more awesome than I was expecting! Instead of just one new book (which may or may not have been the last Christy book ever), I've been promised at least three. I'm giddy.

Anyway, I can't wait for the release date for book numero uno to be announced! I hope it will be sometime this year. 
Is my Christy obsession too much for you? Do you have any literary friends that you secretly think are real or that you maybe love a little more than your flesh-and-blood friends? (not that you'd ever actually admit it, of course)


  1. Ahhuhhhhhhhhh! Now I need to borrow the Married Years from you and read them! So excited!!!!!!!!

  2. haha This post made me laugh. Books are the best.