Tuesday, May 17, 2016

A Tuesday Confession

One of my biggest pet peeves is when someone uses "I's" in a sentence instead of "my".
For example, "We went to Jenny and I's favorite restaurant."
This makes me rage like few other things in life do.
Please, just take a second to think about what you're saying or, Heaven help, typing before you say it.
Would you say, "We went to I's favorite restaurant."?
No. No, you wouldn't.
So just because Jenny went with you doesn't mean you should say it that way now.
The correct way to say that sentence would be, "We went to Jenny's and my favorite restaurant."
Maybe this seems awkward to you.
But is it really any more awkward than "I's"?!
Stop the madness.

What's your biggest grammar pet peeve?


  1. I have many, as you know. #grammarnatzisunite

    One is when someone says "nucular" instead of "nuclear." Don't ask me why that's such a big pet peeve. It just is.

    Another one is when people use "they/their/them" as a pronoun when it should be "he/his" or "she/hers."

    Oh, and when people mispronounce "Auburndale."

    And that's all I feel like getting into at this time. Lol

  2. Hallelujah! At least some people still revere good grammar. We are living in a sea of dysfunction as far as the English language is concerned.