Tuesday, March 29, 2016

A Tuesday Confession

My husband says I "pre-wash" the dishes before I load them into the dishwasher. 
What I call rinsing, he calls good-enough-to-eat-off-again. 
I consider the dishwasher to just be a final sanitation cycle. 
Am I the only one? 


  1. Haha. It must be a Hancock thing. I barely rinse. They come out super clean. I have it so don't have to do ANY washing whatsoever. Lol

    But, you do you. As long as they're clean. 😘

    1. I was thinking that the obsessive rinsing was probably more of an Osborne thing after all 3 of my siblings have chimed in agreeing with me. Haha! Most women I talk to hold your view: that the point of the dishwasher is so they don't have to do anything to their dishes.

    2. And not to say that this is a subject I bring up in ordinary conversation, but I've babysat for a lot of families and I'm not gonna lie: there'd be days I'd unload their dirty dishwashers just to rinse the dishes and reload. #notashamed #OCD?

  2. I'm leaving my real comment on your email.

  3. Gramma accused me of doing it. She said I didn't need to clean them as much as I do. :) Plus when I loaded the dishwasher for her, she would then come in and rearrange them all. I decided to let her do it from then on. :)

    I blame it on dishwashers that were made years ago. They did not handle the debris from the dishes very well and your drains would get all clogged and mess up your dishwasher. I believe the dishwashers are made better now and can handle it better. However, I still rinse them really well because that's how I learned. :)

  4. A Saturday Confession:

    1) Let's get something straight, shall we? I rinse all dishes prior to putting them in the dishwasher. I just don't wash them with soap, water, and elbow grease prior to putting them in a machine that is supposed to do that for me. Ya dig? #worksmarternotharder

    2) I don't care that you wash all of our dishes twice. I just wanted to point out that...you wash all of our dishes twice. It seems superfluous to me and thus I will never do it. Something is either clean or dirty; washing something twice can't make it 'more clean.' I don't care if you do it this way. I just don't understand the neurosis that compels you to do this.

    3) If this was an elaborate scheme to get me to comment on your blog. Well played, ma'am. Well played. #Ireadbutdontcomment

    1. Let's just be clear:

      1) I do not wash all the dishes with soap before I put them in the dishwasher. C'mon, babe.

      2) I still stand by the truth that what I do is just adequately RINSING the dishes--not actual washing.

      3) Muahahahahaha! Mission accomplished.

    2. I'm going to chime in with 3 bullet points that have nothing to do with your 3 bullet points because I can and want to.

      1) You two are adorable. I know third wheels are kind of tacky, but can we hang out more? Is that an awkward question?

      2) Dishwashers are a gift from the heavens above, but some of them don't really clean that well. The dishwasher in our previous apartment left residue on our glasses and silverware. The dishwasher in the lake house is a miracle-worker and I love it.

      3) I don't really have a number 3 right now, so let me get back to you. Hope y'all are having a good day :)