Thursday, October 29, 2015

Pumpkin Carving 2014

Well, sad to say we royally derailed documenting last year's Pumpkin Carving toils. We didn't take any before or during photos. We decided to do classic faces last year, and I loved how my pumpkin turned out. The middle pumpkin was a joint effort in which I cleaned out the pumpkin and Cody carved the faces. He's such a pro. Seriously. Wait till you see what he did this year (tune in tomorrow if you're interested). And since I've been anecdotally including the different homes we've lived in, this was our first year in our current home sweet home.
October 31, 2014


  1. Did y'all free hand that center one?? Daaaaaang! (*Angela Johnson)

    1. Haaaa! I heard Anjelah Johnson saying that.

      And no. The center one was from a template.