Friday, August 28, 2015

Casual Fridays

Friends...countrymen...lend me your ears. Kidding! And no, I haven't been reading Shakespeare lately (but I offer up 100 Cool Points to the first person who comments on the post with the correct Shakespearean play I just quoted. and googling it is totally cheating, but I guess there's really no way for me to know if you did or not so...we're on the Honor System here). I just don't even know where to start with this post. As you've probably started to figure out, the summertime has not been great for my blogging habits. I've just been too busy living the good life which doesn't allow much time for writing about it. Also, I'm feeling a teensy bit peeved at the moment because I e-mailed myself pictures from my phone like a million years ago and they still haven't shown up in my Inbox. If my phone is so Smart, why can't it get my photos from Point A to Point B? My Dumb Phone did better than that. Does anyone have any insights for me about this? I finally just downloaded the Blogger app, created a post with all the pictures I was trying to e-mail myself, published it, then got on my laptop and reverted the post to a draft so I could actually create what I wanted. But then the formatting got all wonky so eventually I just saved the photos from the draft to my laptop and started a completely new post. This seems like an overly complicated and completely unnecessary way of doing things, but alas, here we are. C'est la vie for the technologically disinclined. Somebody help.

Moving on...

Last weekend, Cody and I roadtripped up to NC for some quality R&R in the Smoky Mountains. First of all, here's a picture of us in case you forgot what we looked like:
Aren't we cute?

Anyway, we headed out Thursday afternoon, and after some healthy debate, we decided to stop at a Chick-fil-A for dinner. On a whim, I decided I wanted to try one of their frosted lemonades. Apparently, it was Frosted Lemonade-palooza day or something and when we pulled up to the window, the sweet Chick-fil-A lady handed me this squeezy lemon stress ball and a big sticker. I promptly informed Cody that we should move to this town immediately. He laughed and said something about how we can't move just because the Chick-fil-A people are nice and give me cool stuff. Whatever. 

Here we are again chilling on the back deck at my brother's NC house. Don't we just look deliciously relaxed? Saturday night, my honey took me on a date night in Downtown Brevard. We went to a great hole-in-the-wall kinda book shop, and he bought me a stack of new books (more on that Monday), then we browsed through the funnest toy store ever (O.P. Taylor's), and finished off our evening with dinner and ice cream at Rocky's Soda Shop (yum!). I loved all of it especially because Brevard is where we spent the first week of our honeymoon. Such a sweet time reliving those memories and making new ones. 

Are you so over all this gushiness yet? Sorry I didn't issue a Sap Alert. I just can't help myself. I have the best guy in the world. 

Let's change the subject.
Colonel's Corner
This shaggy guy thoroughly enjoyed our trip to North Carolina as well, although I have to say, he calmed down noticeably and turned back into his sweet, chill self when we got back home. Which makes me happy because he knows where his home is.

Anyway, have I ever mentioned how he carries things around like it's his job? Because he does and it is the most adorably silly thing you ever saw. The other day, we were headed out on our morning walk, and he picked up this random stick and carried it in his mouth the entire walk. He does this with sticks of any size, pine cones (who knew "pine cones" was actually two words? not me till just now), moss, palm branches, pieces of tire....pretty much whatever he can get ahold of. It cracks me up.

On Tuesday, Cody and I finally used the annual passes I got him for his birthday and went to Busch Gardens. It was hot, but fortunately, not crowded at all. (I credit that to the fact that school started back up this week.) We had a blast, per usual, and I'm looking forward to wearing out our passes this year.

So if any of you have a pass (I'm lookin' at you, Christina) or want to go to Busch Gardens for any reason, hit me up 'cause my pass is good till August 25th of 2016, and I will totally go with you.

Basically, I'm telling you to get a pass. Busch Gardens is the bomb. 
Because how often do you see a giraffe just hanging out with a major rollercoaster in the background?

Oh and speaking of our Busch Gardens trip, get this: when we arrived at Busch Gardens Tuesday morning, we got out of our car and I noticed several pennies on the ground.

Fun Fact: I will always--ALWAYS--pick up any coin I see lying around (laying? lie vs. lay is one of those grammar rules I have never mastered--I know it has something to do with something reclining vs. something being placed...) no matter how disgusting it is. A penny saved is a penny earned and all that.

So we gathered them up and Cody, to my horror, just stuck them on the back bumper cover of the car and started to walk into the park. Something about how if someone steals the pennies off our car, they need them more than we do?? I'm super-spiritual and submissive so I sweetly followed his lead and silently lamented the fact that we just struck gold and were leaving it for someone else.

Well, yesterday morning, as I was loading Colonel back up in the car after our morning walk, I SAW THE PENNIES! Apparently, they survived the entire drive home from Busch Gardens, two separate trips to the church and back, and the jaunt over to the walking trail where Colonel and I went yesterday.

That or some penny fairy put more pennies in the exact spot we left the ones we found in the BG parking lot while Colonel and I were out walking.

The world may never know.

It was time to update my toes again, and since I obviously feel the need to tell you about this every time I do it, let the record show that Thursday, August 27, 2015, I gave myself a pedi.

I'm calling this my "Transition Into Fall" color.

And just so you know, the curse lives. One of my toes is already smudged. And it happens to be the same one that smudged last time. I tried Lyndsey's technique of two thin coats of color and a thin clear coat, letting each one dry before applying the next.

However, I'm not patient so maybe each coat wasn't totally dry before I applied the next.

Whatever, man.

Link Love
-Best Groomsmen Dance EVER : This is fabulous. Reagan, Oakie, where was this at my wedding? Also, that bride's bow is next level. You have to watch to the end to get the full effect of it, but wow.

-Dead Husband Walking : I just can't even. Cody showed me this and we both were rolling.

-Waiting : No explanation needed.

Well, that's it for today. If you need me, I'll be over here eating Pillsbury Chocolate Chip cookie dough straight out of the tube. #guiltypleasure  #totallyhealthy  #sorrynotsorry

What's been happening in your life lately? 


  1. Ahhhh!!! I'm so glad you are back!!!! Even though I have been the laziest blogger ever...

    Sorry about that nail polish tip and it not working... #sadday

    Also, "I'm super-spiritual and submissive" way to go #humblewife. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

    Love you, hope to see you before October vacation...since apparently we can't get our schedules on the same wave link. Be safe, have fun!!

    1. Thanks! I check your blog every day and I was thinking yesterday that you should post like an August recap in photos before we switch to week....where did this month go?!

      I don't think it was your tip, I think it was my impatience. #lame

      #sohumble #alldayeveryday #hahahahahaha

      Yeah, seriously. When we're both back, I'm coming over for a whole day. Love you too!

  2. Wasn't that quote from his Caesar play?

    Also I like that fat guy in the dance video...hilarious.

    Also I just realized the different colored words were links...then I clicked one and lost all my comment. Technology is the worst.

  3. This is Oakie by the way...

  4. MUCH easier than before..I will continue in this fashion.

    1. 100 Cool Points to you. Julius Caesar is the correct answer.

      And 50 Bonus Cool Points for persevering through the comment struggle to leave me some.

      You're just the coolest.

  5. Hahahhahahaha!!! Oakie, you are cracking me up!!!!

  6. We're going to get Busch gardens fun cards in January!!! We should totally go!!

    1. Perfect!! Can both your boys still get in free? We will go with you guys any time!