Friday, March 13, 2015

Casual Fridays

Okay you guys, my adorable niece had her first ever soccer game last Saturday. She's three. I can't even get enough of watching a bunch of 3 and 4 year olds "play soccer". It is too much.

Also, hi. We like to do it huge around here. My 3 year old niece is playing soccer? Let's all make awesome soccer family t-shirts and wear them to every game. Seriously, if you ever need some encouragement in your life, just come on down smack to the middle of the Sunshine state, and we will throw you a party. We will make t-shirts, bake you a cake, and bring balloons. We loooove a reason to celebrate. 

Here's our little super-star with Coach Uncle Cody. Stop it with those stank lips. My hubby not only coached his team alone (assistant coach had to work) and reffed the game, he did it while sick. He's the best.

And what's more? All the little girls on his team are calling him "Uncle Cody" now because that's what our niece calls him, of course. Be still my heart. 

And one more funny anecdote: these girls were done before the game was over. On their last little water break, Cody looks at them and goes, "Ok girls! Just 4 more minutes! You can do it!" And bless my soul if the cutest little blonde thing you've ever seen didn't look right back at him and say without missing a beat, "Um, how about 3." 

I think I died.

We like to keep it silly if you hadn't noticed. 

In other news, we may have a contender on The Voice. If you caught last week's Casual Friday post, you know I am on the Sawyer Fredericks train. But check out Paul Pfau. I mean, he had me at "Fly Me to the Moon". If you can convince me to enjoy your version of a Sinatra tune, you are doing something right, my friend.

Well, that's all for this Casual Friday post. I've been blogging for over a month now. What do you guys think of the blog? I'm nearly finished reading Vanity Fair. If you'd like to cast a vote for my next reading endeavor, check out my list for the year and shout it out in the comments. I'd like to go non-fiction for my next read. Anyone else out there watching The Voice? Who is your favorite?

Have a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious weekend!


  1. Also, Friday the 13th. Just saying.

    Um, I LOVE watching little kids play soccer. Is the cutest. I have crushes on most of the little boys on Liam's team. Creepy? Most likely. #creepyauntsunite

    1. Friday the 13th!! What a happy day for me. =)

      Baahahaha! You are sooo creepy. LOL! ;)