Friday, March 6, 2015

Casual Fridays

Orange Blossoms. Oh my goodness. This is my all time, number one, nothing-even-comes-close, favorite fragrance in this world. We have come to the time of year down here in Florida where I go everywhere with my windows down just to catch a whiff of this heavenly scent. It's like my own personal Christmas in March. If someone--ANYONE--could effectively bottle this up, I would keep them in business for the rest of my life. I would buy the candle, the lotion, the cleaning products, the car freshener: you name it, I'd buy it. It is divine. I genuinely feel sorry for you if you are allergic or have never experienced the blessing that is Orange Blossoms. 

Speaking of paradise, have I mentioned lately that I live there? It's true, y'all. I apologize to anyone who might be reading this right now living up to your neck in snow, but this is me mowing our backyard last week. Fun fact: up until a few months ago, I had never mowed a yard in my life. My brothers still don't believe that I have. (Oakie, Reagan, here is photographic evidence that I am now a proud lawn-mowing machine.) My verdict on mowing? I like it. As long as it's sunny and warm, I will volunteer to mow the yard. If we had a push-mower, I might feel very differently.

Movie Review Time!

I recently watched Cast Away all the way through for the very first time in my life. My thoughts at the end: Ain't nobody got time for a blonde who says, "I always knew you were alive" but went and married your dentist. You go get you a redhead, Tom. 

I also finally caved and agreed to watch the first few Harry Potter movies with my hubby. He likes them, and it's my goal in life to be an awesome wife. I have resisted watching them and have no desire to read the books. My thoughts after seeing the first three: meh.

Cody and I also watched a movie recently called The Double starring Richard Gere and Topher Grace of all people. Has anyone heard of this?? We hadn't, but we saw it in RedBox and, after looking up some reviews to check the content, decided to watch it. I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised. The plot was compelling, the acting was good, and it was pretty clean. There were some violent scenes and probably some language, but overall I thought it was very good. There is a plot twist at the end that I never saw coming, so major kudos for that.

I've been jamming to Train this week. 
Not any particular album or song. 
Just Train. 
I love me some Train. 

Speaking of music, can I just talk about The Voice for a second? So, I've never watched an entire season from start to finish. I love the concept of this show. But I pick my winner and once they're gone, I'm gone. For instance, my season 7 pick was Taylor John Williams. He came so close, y'all. Taylor? Please make me a record. And the only other season I really followed was season 3 and my pick was Melanie Martinez. She didn't win. I just started watching the current season and Hello, Sawyer Fredericks! What?! This kid is just too adorable for words. #following

Well, this is probably about enough for this post, and to wrap it all up, check out this church sign I drove by this week. Cody and I laughed too much.

I mean, come on.

 Get outta here, Devil.

What is your all-time favorite scent? Have you seen any good movies lately? Are you a fan of Train? The Voice? Who are you #following season 8?


  1. Oh Hannah. I miss the orange blossoms so much. Please save me some "smell" for when we come down. ;) When I was little my momma bought me a little vial of perfume that smelled like orange blossoms. I'm sure it didn't smell exactly like it, but it was so special to me cuz my momma bought it for me.

    Didn't care for the beginning Harry Potter's but liked the later ones better. So keep going. The Double sounds interesting. We will have to catch it sometime. We recently watched The Hundred Foot Journey because David recommended it. Good movie. Anything that has to do with cooking your Uncle Joe and I have to watch. :)

    My church sign got listed here this week:

    Second one down. The Presbyterian Church here in Hamilton. :)

  2. Sorry don't know how to link things here or if I can.

    1. LOVED The Hundred Foot Journey! Great movie.

      I don't know. Everyone says the Harry Potter movies get progressively darker, and the first 3 were creepy enough for me. I don't have time for nightmares about dementers or whatever the heck those things are. LOL!

      That church sign is too funny! And the sign changer has the right idea. Florida is gorgeous. ;)

  3. Hello? Hannah? This is Oakie, can you hear me?

    First, that photo of you proves nothing except that you can sit on a riding lawn mower. I'll believe you mowed the lawn when I see it..

    Second, that long haired dude is legit. He should win. I haven't exactly seen any of the other competitors, but I like his song choice so he should win (even if he really does look like a girl).

    Third, y'all should come visit us.

    Love you.

    1. Oakie, I read you loud and clear.

      First, I knew you were going to say that. I knew it. But it really is true. I have mowed the yard on several different occasions. You'll just have to come down here and see for yourself.

      Second, he really does look like a girl. But he is still my favorite from the blind auditions so far.

      Third, we are coming. Once Cody gets his schedule, I will let you know the dates.

      Love you!

  4. How can you, of all people, say you don't want to read the books? On a blog devoted to reading no less. AND you watched the movies first. Honestly, I'm a little disappointed...

    1. First of all, I can say it because the name of this blog is "Read the BEST books first." Harry Potter...not the best.

      And second, didn't you watch the movies first? I mean, aren't you even a little proud of me for at least watching some of the movies?

    2. Dude. I waited patiently to watch the movies after each respective book, but it wasn't that hard because the books are pretty darn good. I wouldn't say the absolute best, but worth the the read. I just can't get over that you're judging based on watching the movies first. You KNOW the books are always better. Plus, you're the only Osborne child who hasn't read them. Just try the first book, and this subject may be laid to rest forever...

    3. Um, I'm pretty sure Reagan has not read the Harry Potter books. And I'm not making the decision to avoid reading them based off the first three movies. That was a decision I made prior to being persuaded to watch the movies. But maybe someday, if I have read all the books on my life list and am looking for something else to read, I'll try Harry Potter.

    4. Reagan is currently reading them, if I'm not mistaken. Also, it took me like 1-2 days to read the first book. Seriously, not hard.

  5. My attempt to read them again has gone on another hiatus. Sorry Sarah.

    The first two movies are legitimately terrible. The third one is pretty decent. Parts of the fourth and fifth were okay. The sixth was boring, seventh was pretty good, eighth was meh. Not my favorite story or characters.

    And Harry and Hermione should have ended up together.

    1. Cody said that JK Rowling has stated that she also thinks she should have written them so Harry and Hermione end up together.

      I struggled to stay awake during all 3 of the movies. And we weren't watching them late at night or during any time when I was particularly tired.

      Reagan, even though you aren't currently reading them, have you made it through a whole book?

  6. just read through the rest of the thread. Oak's right. No actual proof that you've mowed anything.

    super jealous that y'all are talking about visiting each other. I'M ALL ALONE OUT HERE.

    yeah, Rowling did say that. it's good to feel vindicated.

    no, i've not made it through a one of them.


    1. And another reason. #wordsnerds #orangeblossomsenthusiasts