Wednesday, April 4, 2018

A Word for Wednesday

"Everything is changing—or going to change," said Diana sadly. "I have a feeling that things will never be the same again, Anne."

"We have come to a parting of the ways, I suppose," said Anne thoughtfully. "We had to come to it. Do you think, Diana, that being grown-up is really as nice as we used to imagine it would be when we were children?"

"I don't know—there are some nice things about it," answered Diana, again caressing her ring with that little smile which always had the effect of making Anne feel suddenly left out and inexperienced. "But there are so many puzzling things, too. Sometimes I feel as if being grown-up just frightened me—and then I would give anything to be a little girl again."

"I suppose we'll get used to being grown-up in time," said Anne cheerfully. "There won't be so many unexpected things about it by and by—though, after all, I fancy it's the unexpected things that give spice to life."

~Anne Shirley & Diana Barry in Anne of the Island by L.M. Montgomery~


  1. I’m so thankful we have grown together and allowed the things that will”never be the same” to change and mold into something better than before!

    Except I do miss the nights of no responsibilities, talking through EVERY detail of EVERY situation and dreaming about who we might fall in love with! Who we fell in love with is never who we would’ve imagined, but man did God show up in big ways and blow our socks off!

    Anyways, this turned into a novel. Love you and this quote!!! 💕😘

    1. I miss those nights, too!!!! *crying* Love where we are now though and love that we'll still lose an hour on the phone talking about everything (although not on the DAILY like it used to be—hahaha!). Love you!

  2. Are we Anne and Diana? I feel sometimes as if we are.