Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Happy Birthday to the Best Mother-in-Law!

Happy Birthday, Mommy Trina! I love you forever!
Easter 2011
Brock Wedding ~ May 2014


  1. 3 thoughts:
    1) Trina is so beyond gorgeous. I hope I look that good when I'm a mom. Or, you know, just ever.
    2) THAT dress in picture 1 - super cute! You should wear it Saturday. #justsayin #onlyifyouwantto
    3) Your haircut in picture 2 - I love that haircut on you! Can we get our haircut on best friend day? (Side note - "best" just AC'ed to "breast" and I about died laughing.)

  2. I don't have the dress from Picture 1 anymore. =(

    Haircuts? I'm game.


    1. Where shall we go? And what happened to the dress? :(

    2. Uhhh...where ever you want? And I'm not sure. It was either lost in one of our many moves or I donated it to Goodwill because it didn't fit right or something.

    3. That makes me so sad. And I'm sure you don't mean "wherever I want" because I don't want to be responsible for a hack job on either of us! lol So...I guess we need to think about this calmly and rationally.